1 May 2011

What we've been up to

Time seems to be running away from me lately, there are not enough hours in the day to do everything I want to do and something had to give! I'm afraid it has been the computer time, I manage to get to my computer rarely nowdays and when I do I usually do a quick blog check and that's it.

What I have been doing though is lots of sewing (had to wait for my baby sisters birthday before I could do the big reveal on her birthday quilt).

The next photo shows the colours better

I also got inspired by another multiples mother to try make a quiet book

Needless to say still got lots of ideas that I need to turn into pages and at least some of the pages need to be put together by the end of the month as we are off to Munich for a weeks holiday with friends and it's a looooong drive there!

And before you all think I'm forgetting about the girls, Today was the opening of the german walking season again (May day = national german walking day). We were out with our Bollerwagen and a glorious day was had by all. We walked about 2km to a playground, spent the entire day there picknicking and playing and then walked the 2km back. The day was particularly memorable as we had no pram- the girls did it all on their own 2 feet, no lifts in the bollerwagen or carrying, they even carried their own drink and snacks. More importantly they were playing with out us having to get involved every few minutes, and we managed almost the whole day without any temper tantrums. I am so loving this age!!!

A new found love- SEESAWS

BollerwagenNo, we still only have the 2 kids, the baby in the middle belongs to friends. However I may have to steal her as she ate a packet of 250g of tomatoes all by herself! My kids still have to eat a single tomato!

Right now C and E love making beds everywhere- if only they would sleep in them (yes Ciara is still waking EVERY night at 2 am and crawling into my bed. The worst of it is if I take her back to her bed, she comes straight back to me and if I go anywhere else to get away from her, she follows me!)

Walking walking

PS sorry for the sideways pictures, for some reason the program I usually use to manipulate my pictures doesn't like the photos from our new camera so I can't do anything with them.