29 Dec 2008

All I want from Christmas are......

... my two front teeth.

Well someone obviously read Ciara's christmas list as she is now getting her two top front teeth as well as one of her bottom lateral incisors! Thankfully she is being really good about her teething again, I only noticed when a friend who came to dinner on Boxing Day pointed them out to me- they had all already broken through so the worst was already over.

We won't be able to call her "our little vampire" for much longer, at present she only has a lateral incisor on each side on top so when she smiles she looks like a vampire. I would post a picture but she doesn't smile for the camera at present-she's too busy trying to get hold of it.

28 Dec 2008

Enya's anniversary

Under the Christmas Tree, Enya on the right.

A year ago today we (finally) got Enya home. The docs were not actually happy about sending her home as she was still taking Caffeine to stimulate her respiratory centre and had a NG tube. Z told them we wanted her home and they finally agreed on condition that they tried one more wean off the caffeine pre discharge. As usual after 5 days they had to restart and increase the dose again (the weans were too abrupt) as her monitor was alarming continuously with desats into the 60's (normal is 95%+).The nurses were shocked that she was being discharged on the caffeine as they had never had that before. We on the other hand after 4 and a half months just wanted OUT!

The delay was good from one point though however as they did manage in that final week to get rid of her feeding tube. Enya came home with only a Sats, pulse and breathing monitor and caffeine, not even oxygen which I found astounding and fantastic.

Enya on the left, in newborn size clothing.

When I think of everything that we went through this year, with all the feeding problems and stresses, it wasn't an easy year but I know other people who have had it a lot harder, so we have much to be grateful for. After all I still have my 2 precious gorgeous girls and they've come a long way in their first year at home. I'm looking forward to seeing what the next year brings us!

25 Dec 2008

Merry Christmas

Just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas

We've had a fantastic day today, our first Christmas as a whole family at home (last year Enya was still in hospital and Z and I took it in turns to visit her on Christmas day).

We've been filming with our new camcorder and once I ,OK once Z, works out how to edit, expect video clips.

19 Dec 2008

Well that was fun

We had our Krabbelgruppe this morning, or so I thought. We hadn't gone last week as C and E had the runs, I'd tried to get in contact with the other mom that I know to confirm today was still happening but I couldn't reach her. Anyway so when we arrived this morning (late as usual) no one was there. Now this wouldn't be too bad if the place the group is held, wasn't on the second floor with a lift too narrow for our pram. I landed up having to accost a stranger to help me get the girls down to the exit. I won't even describe how I got the pram up the 3 flights of stairs, let's just say if the steps were any deeper or the girls any heavier it wouldn't work.

On the plus side we met another set of twins that we knew from the PNZ (NICU) while we were wandering round the shops. They are identical twins born at 34 weeks, named Marla and Merle. We (the moms, our kids are not that advanced yet) have exchanged numbers and will arrange to meet up and chat about life with twins next year. M and M are about a month younger than C and E, so all adjusted are only a month older than our girls.

18 Dec 2008


Ciara is now setting off without having arms to aim for, she is also able to hold her balance for the 3-4 steps she manages. Z nearly burst into tears when she (finally) showed him what she can do this evening. She walked away from him to the wall (3 steps) and then turned around and walked another 4 steps along the wall without holding on.

Enya is definitely holding her balance for a couple of seconds in free standing and is walking short distances holding with only one hand.

We were at the doctors today for yet more vaccinations (and have another due in February, sigh) and he was asking how we were doing on the milestones. When I mentioned that Enya had taken 2 steps yesterday, he immediately started typing in the computer that she is walking, I corrected him but he said 2 free steps counts as walking. By that logic then we are still within normal limits of the walking milestone- I nearly started crying. Each milestone met is such a relief.

Of course the doc then had to mention we have to start watching for the verbal milestones now, both Ciara and Enya say "Enya" but not in context, Enya can also say "heiss" (hot) but also out of context. As previously mentioned they both call "mama" as a cry for attention but that is the sum total of what we could consider words, and none of them in context. At least Enya has started waving at us in the last few days, she also started clapping before Ciara way back when.

17 Dec 2008

Enya took 2 steps....

And she did it twice!!!

She took two steps from the couch to me, admittedly falling into my arms but she is trying to walk. I then put her back holding onto the couch and she did it again. As our physio would say she is reaching beyond her capability to follow through but she is determined.

Ciara is slowly getting more confident but the operative word here is slowly. She no longer falls in to my arms, but can keep her balance for a couple of steps, although she still doesn't trust herself enough to try more.

On completely tack, can anyone tell me how much a stick of butter weighs in the US? I bought Ben and Jerry's ice cream and dessert book and several of the recipes call for a stick of butter (1/2 cup). I tried to weigh how much a half a cup of butter weighed but when I made the brownies the batter was very dry so I think I miscalculated!!

16 Dec 2008

No more Physio

Enya has been discharged from physio!!

We landed up getting to physio late as I only realised late last night that we had our appointment today at 10am (I had to buy a thank you card and gift for the physio, do you also do that?). Thankfully Mrs W. is used to ditzy mothers and forgave our tardiness.

The session was harsh as ever, with Enya just lying there crying hopelessly by the end, but watching her feet positioning pre and post treatment it definitely helps. Usually her feet are pointing sideways when she stands but after the session both feet were pointing forwards and she was more stable when walking with support. Nonetheless we are now taking a break from physio, although Mrs W. will join us for our next Neurodevelopmental/Preemie followup in March just to check how things are progressing. YIPPEEEEE!! For the first time in 15 months, no physio! (The girls started physio when they were just 4 weeks old)

Mrs W. also said she doubts Ciara will need any further physio although Enya might at some future date. I can live with that!

Z is away for tonight which means I have my Precious girls all to myself. Poor Z hates being away from them but someone has to bring in the bucks;0). Thankfully it is only 2 days away and then 2 days working and then he has 2 weeks holiday again. There is a bit of a 2 theme going here, isn't there.

14 Dec 2008

Picture tag

Suz, a mom of quads whose blog helped keep me sane when things got scary at the beginning of my pregnancy, has tagged all her readers.

The object of the picture tag is to:

1) Choose the 4th folder where you store your pictures on your computer

2) Select the 4th picture in the folder

3) Explain the picture

4) Tag 4 people to do the same

NO CHEATING! (cropping, editing, etc!)

I'm afraid my pictures aren't really that well organised but as best as I could follow the instructions this is it.

It's from May this year, I was obviously trying to get a photo of the girls together again, and considering that it was taken with my mobile phone I think it turned out pretty good!

Since no one ever comments here ;0) (except Iamza and Cathy) and I therefore don't know who reads what I write, I tag you all. Isn't that a nice way to introduce yourself!! Just leave a link in the comments section

13 Dec 2008

Ciara's anniversary

A year ago today we brought Ciara home after 120 days in hospital, we were finally "proper" parents and could care for our daughter as we wished to, without having to ask permission from the nurses before we did anything.

Ciara all packed up and ready to go

Arriving home, the decoration is courtesy of friends. In german it is tradition to decorate the house front when a baby is born to the house, our friends waited until a baby came home, 4 months later. What you can't see is that the line is being held up by a stork on a pole, it was wonderful, completely unexpected and underlined that we were really parents.

First meal at home, I was unbelievable nervous as this was the first time we'd ever made a bottle of formula and were responsible for serving it at the right temperature etc.

12 Dec 2008

Swimming pictures

sorry for the delay in getting the photos posted, we landed up going on Wednesday instead of Tuesday and since then we've had a double dose of diarrhea which has only finally begun to ease this afternoon. That will teach me to let them put the wet toys in their mouths when we're in a public pool! Another twins mom that was there got around it by sticking a dummy in her twins' mouths when they went into the water. I may have to consider that next time!

We started off in the baby paddling pool at the new place but as the girls were literally paddling (it was so shallow Enya could crawl around with out getting her face wet)we only spent 20 mins there before we moved on to the kids/playing pool (as opposed to the serious swimmers/divers pool). The Swim.trainers were a huge success this time with no meltdowns when it came time to put them on and the girls were even happy for us to let go of them completely while they tried to "swim" forwards. It was great fun and will be repeated again, just not at that venue! We definitely need an adult per child though, I would not try to do this by myself.

The girls with Z

beautiful shot of Enya, unfortunately Ciara was to busy chewing on her vest for us to get a good shot....
so instead here is a shot of her eating mom's muffin!

9 Dec 2008

Peek a boo

This is the latest sensation in our house, it gets played everywhere! When the girls are sitting in their highchairs they play it with their bibs, When we're in the lounge they play it with the blanket on the sofa, in the bathroom around the corner formed by the glass shower doors (go figure!). Z and I don't even have to be involved, we will often here them giggling in another room and when we creep in to see what they are up to, they will be playing peek a boo. At last they are playing together and we start to reap the side benefit of multiples!

C and E have finally recovered from the marathon shopping expedition last Friday, today being the first day they woke before 8:30 am since Friday. Both Z and I have enjoyed the lie ins, but we need to get back to normal scheduling for next week anyway, as Z has to go back to work.

We've decided to go swimming today again as it was such a great success last week although we're going to try another indoor pool. This time I will take the camera so expect pictures soon ;0)

6 Dec 2008

Happy St Niklaus

Our girls gave us a wonderful gift this morning, A lie in. We finally had to wake them at 9 am this morning as they just weren't waking by themselves. We had put them down at about 6pm last night and we didn't hear another peep out of them all night.

The day today has continued along the same lines,they went back to bed after breakfast (at 9:30), awoke at 12 for lunch and then back to bed at 13:30 for their "midday nap" until 15:15, and down for the night at 18:00. Of course it would be too good to be true for that to be the end of the tale. Ciara is now wide awake and protesting loudly as she doesn't want to sleep anymore (20:17).

I think what exhausted them was our 5 hour shopping marathon yesterday ;0). I've been saving all my shopping chores up and yesterday hit the stores big time with Z and the girls. We've blitzed most of our Christmas shopping (I'm getting a new iron for Christmas), got Enya her swimtrainer for next week when we hit the pool again and replenished the adults clothing (somehow this year only the kids have got new clothing, we've been too busy to shop for us).

5 Dec 2008


I know there isn't such a word but there should be! Even the physio has remarked that the girls have lost their baby look and now look like little children (usually when we are out we get asked if they are little boys). So in the spirit of things I've started getting rid of the little baby stuff. I'm still hoping that Z caves in on another sprog so I'm not selling anything yet but it's all getting packed away.

In the kitchen we now only have 6 bottles and umpteen sippy cups lying around where previously we had over 13 bottles, with their associated tops and nipples, bowls and spoons drying on tea towels. The sterilizer has also been packed away and we are now down to only 2 boxes of formula on the kitchen tops where previously we had 3. Yes, Ciara is now drinking normal milk and we need to just finish the one box of formula before we change Enya to her AR formula mixed with whole milk too. I've packed half the bibs away too as now that we only give them 2 bottles a day, we really don't go through many at all. Unfortunately our usage of the bib with sleeves has increased with the recent vomit fest we had. But with 14 of those bibs, I have enough ;0)

We've also moved Enya into the front facing car seat so no more baby carry car seats for us. The baby seats used to always clutter up our entrance hall which now seems so much more open with out them. We've even got rid of one of our prams that we borrowed from our next door neighbour. From feeling a bit cluttered with all the baby stuff, our flat now feels bigger and more ours again. Unfortunately toys remain strewn all over and I think that's not going to change for at least the next 10 years though!

Talking about car seats, I had a first yesterday on the way to physio. Enya puked up in the car. Neither girl has ever been sick in the car before so this was very surprising but on discussing this with Z later we came to the conclusion she had been too hot. I had put her in her snowsuit in the car and the journey had been extra long due to traffic jams and the horrible weather conditions. She got overheated and puked all over her snowsuit, car seat and even hit a towel lying in the foot well. Thankfully she didn't hit the car upholstery so once we got the car seat etc. out, the car didn't stink. Physio was fun with her being so odorous though. Good news in physio was that we should finish up by the end of the year. Mrs W was very pleased with how Enya has progressed in the last 2 weeks (of which one week we didn't do any therapy at all due to illness), her feet positioning is much better and there is just the last remnants of the blasted abdominal control to achieve before we are discharged.

Gotta go, a little monkey has just crawled past me and from the odour that followed her, a nappy change is urgently required ;0)

4 Dec 2008

Wet and white

Yesterday we went for our first visit to a swimming pool with the girls. It had been snowing all day and we wanted to get out the house ( I'm getting cabin fever already!).

Surprisingly Ciara really enjoyed herself (I wanted to get some photos but unfortunately left the camera at home), she really enjoyed the warm water and being able to walk around the paddling pool with her swim aid holding her semi upright (a swimtrainer). Enya on the other hand freaked out! We only had one swim trainer as I wanted to try it out before buying two as it was quite expensive, instead we put water wings on Enya which she DID NOT LIKE! After taking them off she did quite enjoy the water with her daddy, especially the body surfing which they practiced together. After a tea break we tried the swim trainer on Enya, this time she didn't freak out quite as much. After 5 minutes she was also trying to walk/swim around the pool as long as we stayed close to her.

All in all the day was a big success, so much so that we are going to repeat it next week. Needless to say we had 2 exhausted babies last night, Ciara didn't even finish her meal last night and we only got woken up at 8am this morning!

2 Dec 2008

family duvet day

We celebrated the start of the last of Z's 2 week blocks of paternity leave by having a duvet day. Everybody stayed in their pj's, we slept when the girls went down for their naps and generally had a really lazy day. Of course this means today will be busy, what with cooking, cleaning and ironing but I enjoyed yesterday.

No real exciting news otherwise, Ciara continues to try a couple of steps when we can convince her to trust herself. Enya hasn't tried to balance unassisted again but is now cruising everywhere, swopping between pieces of furniture and generally improving her confidence. We had them in their snowsuits again on the weekend as we did a brief round through our local christmas market and it was bitterly cold and yes, a few flakes of snow fell too. We've had more snow this winter already than we had the whole of last winter!

Feeding fighting continues but Enya is putting on weight so I'm fairly relaxed about that right now. I've even turned her car seat around as she is too long for it to be rear facing and I felt sorry for her, it is so boring to always be looking at the seat, she used to cry whenever we went anywhere in the car.