19 Dec 2008

Well that was fun

We had our Krabbelgruppe this morning, or so I thought. We hadn't gone last week as C and E had the runs, I'd tried to get in contact with the other mom that I know to confirm today was still happening but I couldn't reach her. Anyway so when we arrived this morning (late as usual) no one was there. Now this wouldn't be too bad if the place the group is held, wasn't on the second floor with a lift too narrow for our pram. I landed up having to accost a stranger to help me get the girls down to the exit. I won't even describe how I got the pram up the 3 flights of stairs, let's just say if the steps were any deeper or the girls any heavier it wouldn't work.

On the plus side we met another set of twins that we knew from the PNZ (NICU) while we were wandering round the shops. They are identical twins born at 34 weeks, named Marla and Merle. We (the moms, our kids are not that advanced yet) have exchanged numbers and will arrange to meet up and chat about life with twins next year. M and M are about a month younger than C and E, so all adjusted are only a month older than our girls.

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