28 Dec 2008

Enya's anniversary

Under the Christmas Tree, Enya on the right.

A year ago today we (finally) got Enya home. The docs were not actually happy about sending her home as she was still taking Caffeine to stimulate her respiratory centre and had a NG tube. Z told them we wanted her home and they finally agreed on condition that they tried one more wean off the caffeine pre discharge. As usual after 5 days they had to restart and increase the dose again (the weans were too abrupt) as her monitor was alarming continuously with desats into the 60's (normal is 95%+).The nurses were shocked that she was being discharged on the caffeine as they had never had that before. We on the other hand after 4 and a half months just wanted OUT!

The delay was good from one point though however as they did manage in that final week to get rid of her feeding tube. Enya came home with only a Sats, pulse and breathing monitor and caffeine, not even oxygen which I found astounding and fantastic.

Enya on the left, in newborn size clothing.

When I think of everything that we went through this year, with all the feeding problems and stresses, it wasn't an easy year but I know other people who have had it a lot harder, so we have much to be grateful for. After all I still have my 2 precious gorgeous girls and they've come a long way in their first year at home. I'm looking forward to seeing what the next year brings us!

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