9 Dec 2008

Peek a boo

This is the latest sensation in our house, it gets played everywhere! When the girls are sitting in their highchairs they play it with their bibs, When we're in the lounge they play it with the blanket on the sofa, in the bathroom around the corner formed by the glass shower doors (go figure!). Z and I don't even have to be involved, we will often here them giggling in another room and when we creep in to see what they are up to, they will be playing peek a boo. At last they are playing together and we start to reap the side benefit of multiples!

C and E have finally recovered from the marathon shopping expedition last Friday, today being the first day they woke before 8:30 am since Friday. Both Z and I have enjoyed the lie ins, but we need to get back to normal scheduling for next week anyway, as Z has to go back to work.

We've decided to go swimming today again as it was such a great success last week although we're going to try another indoor pool. This time I will take the camera so expect pictures soon ;0)

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iamza said...

Hee, cute! Long may the playing together last!