29 Apr 2010

Things I've come to realise..

1) Having gone through 5 pairs of panties yesterday and 4 pairs of panties today (with them only being nappyless in the afternoon no less), 7 pairs of panties per child is probably not enough.
2) Ciara can hold her pee in for over two hours, just don't run water where she can hear it.
3) We don't need rain to water the grass when Enya is nappyless.

.....This potty training is not as easy as I hoped it would be

27 Apr 2010

Well, hello summer!

The Z summer BBQ season has been officially opened on Sunday and may I just say it is fantastic to be able to enjoy our meals outside again.

The potty training was a mixed success with lot of watering the tiles and grass, the funniest part of it was once one of the girls had had an accident the other would follow within minutes. Once I realisied this I started putting the other straight onto the potty, but of course I only realisied towards the end of the day. At least I know for next time. I haven't had them nappyless for the last 2 days as it's been too cool for dresses, we quickly discovered panties makes them think they have a nappy on and leads to lots of accidents! By the end of the day though both girls had had one success with the potty though so I was satisfied (and boy am I glad we don't have any carpets!!).

I got lovely shot of the girls eating together outside on the lawn on Friday

but before you think I have the most cooperative children in the world, the next shot was taken seconds later

Last but not least Enya has been flitting around the fence next to our local child protection services officer, one guess what she is looking like......

....a poster child for abused children, thanks to her delightful older sister. Any good suggestions for how I stop Ciara scratching her when they are in the pram next to each other?

26 Apr 2010

out of the mouth of babes part 2

"Daddy mucky puppy"

"no sweety, that's Daddy IS a mucky puppy"

"Daddy mucky puppy"

"uh uh, Daddy IS a mucky puppy"

"That's right!" (very emphatically said by Enya)

23 Apr 2010


We're finally having some decent weather so I'm going to bite the bullet this weekend and put the girls into panties and dresses!

Z is off to buy pull ups tomorrow morning (no, he doesn't know it yet;0) and we are going to get this show on the road. My gut feeling is Enya may be ready for potty training but Ciara probably isn't quite there yet, however I'm open to being positively surprised.

21 Apr 2010

getting old

Having always had perfect eyesight it was with great regret that I had to accept a few weeks ago my eyes were no longer up to scratch. I went to a new opthalmologist (you all know how I disliked the Eye guy, we're now all at a new practice) expecting to just get glasses for reading but instead landed up with glasses to be worn all the time. Needless to say the new glasses have a flex frame as the girls love to play with glasses so my glasses need to be hardy. I dread the day someone says either Ciara or Enya needs glasses, it was mentioned by the orthoptician the last visit we had and we have the next visit to their new opthamologist in 2 weeks so it is geting a bit acute again.

Talking of doctors, I felt like a real Munchhausen by proxy mother ordering 7 doctors referrals for the girls. In the next few weeks we have appointments for opthamologist x2, cardiologist x2 (to check on their Atrial Septal Defects), neurologist (Enya for EEG check) and Preemie clinic x2 (for their play therapy). All important and necessary appointments but considering how healthy Ciara and Enya are, it feels excessive that they need so many medical check ups!

20 Apr 2010

Bilinguilism in practice

As you are all probably aware Ciara and Enya are being raised bilingual. When I was pregnant I ordered a book on raising bilingual children, to be honest I still haven't read it (what can I say my pregnancy wasn't as long as it should have been!), but I think we are doing an okay job so far even without the "professional" advice.

We speak mostly english at home, although I will repeat mself in german if it is very important. If I'm not around Z will speak german with them and when we are out we also usually speak german especially if we are with friends. So far Ciara and Enya have had no problems at the various play groups making themselves understood, but then most adults understand english well enough to get the gist of what is being said. It will be interesting to see what happens in kindergarten where the child/child interaction is more predominant- if the girls then only speak german or if the other kids pick up a few words of english.

Because Z and I mix our languages up when we are speaking to each other (we often swop languages multiple times in a conversation, heck multiple times in the same sentence!) I was very concerned that the girls would also pick up that habit. There are some signs of that, "ich (I) do it" being a prime example but for the most part when the girls are with me they speak english, with a few german words interspersed (because they don't know the english words).

Then every so often I see a demonstration of their awareness that there are 2 seperate languages: Enya was telling me something about her Igel (hedgehog), I understood she was speaking about the Igel, but didn't get the word she was saying before (it sounded like she was swearing!) after the third time I asked her to repeat herself she gave me an exasperated look as if to say "you stupid woman" and said hedgehog clearly. She tried to get me to understand her by repeating herself in the other language which I found amazing!

Z and I have already agreed once the girls are well settled in their kindergarten we will move to both only speaking english with the girls at home, as we don't want them to forget their english. We will still read both english and german books to them at bedtime as well.

19 Apr 2010

Farm visit

Yesterday we took advantage of the best weather we've had all year and went to visit a show farm. Unfortunately there were not many animals to see, in fact apart from some goats protected by a huge glass window, we didn't actually see any animals. The day was however not a complete flop as they had a very good restuarant and a nice playground for the kids too.

I honestly believe kids should come with an off button, for those moments when as a parent you just can't keep up with your everready bunnies anymore...

The girls had a great day, especially considering the fact they didn't have a midday nap. They also slept fantastically last night after their go go go day, for which I am very grateful!
Trampolining was a big hit with Enya she just couldn't get enough. We couldn't get Ciara to even put her hands on the trampoline, even we were right there with our hands next to hers! It's okay though, by the same token Ciara loves swinging and Enya...loathes it with a passion

Ciara preferred climbing on the logs, I don't call my girls monkeys for no reason.

And Enya enjoyed using the straw bales as an obstacle course...

With so much hard "work" being performed, everyone deserves a drinks break...

All in all a fantastic spring day!

15 Apr 2010

Daddy work

When Z comes into the kitchen in the mornings to put on his shoes, both girls start yelling daddy work daddy work.

This morning however we had a variation on this theme... Enya started yelling daddy airport. Do you think we may have been overdoing the airport visits just recently and it's not over yet. Z is off to the US again in a couple of weeks and my little sister is coming the week after for a quick visit. We will once again being doing the airport runs, now if only I can find a good spot to watch the planes taking off and landing, for some reason the Frankfurt and Cologne Airports don't seem to have viewing terraces (we do actually enjoy going to the airport!) . The girls are fascinated by all vehicles and I'd love to see (and photograph) their faces while they watch planes taking off and landing.

PS While Z is in the states I will for the first time have the girls all to myself for more than a long weekend, I really hope we all survive!

PPS I have already got my orders in what I want from the US, 2 more pairs of the super comfortable Levi jeans I bought last year when I was in Houston. They cost 3 times as much here in Europe!

13 Apr 2010

picture day

Not much to say so enjoy the photos instead.


12 Apr 2010

400th Post and other stuff

Go me! I can't believe I've had so much to say.

While my mother was visiting, we started playing around with potty training and Enya began to show a real interest in it. Now don't get me wrong, we aren't talking miracles, we were just happy that she was wanting to sit on the potty for longer than the 5 sec we'd been managing up to then. However this morning we had a minor breakthrough- after Ciara had sat on the potty, Enya asked to sit on it too, so after duly stripping her off, onto the potty she went and then she PEED. She asked to go on the potty and then performed! Last night she peed on the potty as well but that was just lucky timing- we were getting them ready for bed and sat her on the potty before putting on a fresh nappy. This has really raised my hopes that we WILL get both girls potty trained before they start kindergarten in August. Ciara has also accidently gone once on the potty, unfortunately though she remains quite uninterested in the whole potty thing.

Now I just need the weather to warm up a bit so I can start putting the girls into dresses or shorts and make the getting to the loo in a rush a whole lot easier!

10 Apr 2010

What we've been up to

I've really enjoyed having my mom here this week. We didn't pack the days too full but at the same time everyday there was something happening, the girls got to spend lots of time outside as we finally had a stretch of decent weather
Picnic in the garden

We also had friends over for tea, the girls love playing with other kids and older kids always have such fun ideas....
like emptying every toy the girls own out on to the floor

putting stockings on their heads

stripping off (I'm told they were stripping off to go for a swim)

And climbing up the furniture

Unfortunately all good things do come to an end and we took my mom back to the airport today. After a really rough night (Ciara and Enya are both waking up multiple times during the night and while they don't need much soothing before they go back to sleep, they also don't stop crying until we come into their room and at least lay our hands briefly on their backs) which has left me (and my mom) exhausted I didn't feel like cooking dinner tonight. Instead I ordered in pizza and this is all the girls left of a 12 inch pizza. They've lost their appetites and found a donkeys! Finally!!

7 Apr 2010


Enya with her beads in a bowl

Ciara with her granny

We love playing with these beads and laces right now. The girls get more jewellery to wear (what can I say, an ongoing fascination) and they get to work on their fine coordination making them at the same time.

6 Apr 2010

obligatory spring zoo visit

We made use of the wonderful weather today and finally got to the zoo. Spring is not complete without a visit to the zoo! The first request was to visit the elephants (which are on the opposite side of the zoo to the entrance!)

adopting the animal (elephant) spotting pose

Enya, elephant spotting at the outside enclosure

Playing RIGHT NEXT to the bad tempered rhino

Hitting the various zoo playgrounds

what can I say, slides are popular right now and jungle gyms even more so...you just won't see any photos of the terrible two on jungle gyms as I'm hopping around trying to keep them from breaking their darling little necks!

4 Apr 2010

Happy Easter

Easter morning at the breakfast table

Yes Enya is still getting a bottle-otherwise we'd be lucky if she drank 100ml in a day.

The great easter bunny hunt

Hope you all have (had) a wonderful Easter, we certainly made the most of ours. We had a lovely morning, first a easter bunny hunt and then playing outside enjoying the fresh air. This afternoon we spent playing inside as it was pouring with rain. Great fun was had by all, making bead necklaces and playing with lego and cars. Ciara and Enya are loving having their granny here!

This evening I finally finished lining the curtains for Ciara and Enya's room. They've started waking up when the first hint of dawn strikes their room, so I'm hoping by blocking all light I won't land up getting up earlier and earlier as we approach the summer solstice!

Now I've just got to finish their summer dresses and make some new bibs and start the last duvet cover and .......... the list goes on and on!

3 Apr 2010

Watcha think?

They've been early for everything else, is it too soon for them to start driving?


(before anyone starts to panic: the keys were not in the ignition, the handbrake was on and the car was in gear. My mother and I were also standing next to the car- they weren't going anywhere!!)

2 Apr 2010

Afternoon fun

Having survived the longest walk ever this morning, the weather was still nice so after Ciara and Enya (and mommy's) nap we enjoyed a romp in the garden.

You gotta love a little bit of good clean dirt (sawdust in this case) as my mother said!

Good Friday fun

We took advantage of the unexpectedly pleasant day and got outside to air our cobwebby brains. The girls are decidedly uncooperative when it comes to going for a walk. It took us 2 hours to walk what used to take me 10 minutes when I was on my way to work.

On the positive side though we got to.....

Gawk at the chickens

inspect the ground for creepy crawlies

play in the dirt

learn how to hide our tracks

discover a new lake in the neighbourhood

1 Apr 2010

I don't believe it..

it's SNOWING again! Come on, on Monday we had 18 degrees C and now it's snowing. I am so over winter!!