21 Apr 2010

getting old

Having always had perfect eyesight it was with great regret that I had to accept a few weeks ago my eyes were no longer up to scratch. I went to a new opthalmologist (you all know how I disliked the Eye guy, we're now all at a new practice) expecting to just get glasses for reading but instead landed up with glasses to be worn all the time. Needless to say the new glasses have a flex frame as the girls love to play with glasses so my glasses need to be hardy. I dread the day someone says either Ciara or Enya needs glasses, it was mentioned by the orthoptician the last visit we had and we have the next visit to their new opthamologist in 2 weeks so it is geting a bit acute again.

Talking of doctors, I felt like a real Munchhausen by proxy mother ordering 7 doctors referrals for the girls. In the next few weeks we have appointments for opthamologist x2, cardiologist x2 (to check on their Atrial Septal Defects), neurologist (Enya for EEG check) and Preemie clinic x2 (for their play therapy). All important and necessary appointments but considering how healthy Ciara and Enya are, it feels excessive that they need so many medical check ups!

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