10 Apr 2010

What we've been up to

I've really enjoyed having my mom here this week. We didn't pack the days too full but at the same time everyday there was something happening, the girls got to spend lots of time outside as we finally had a stretch of decent weather
Picnic in the garden

We also had friends over for tea, the girls love playing with other kids and older kids always have such fun ideas....
like emptying every toy the girls own out on to the floor

putting stockings on their heads

stripping off (I'm told they were stripping off to go for a swim)

And climbing up the furniture

Unfortunately all good things do come to an end and we took my mom back to the airport today. After a really rough night (Ciara and Enya are both waking up multiple times during the night and while they don't need much soothing before they go back to sleep, they also don't stop crying until we come into their room and at least lay our hands briefly on their backs) which has left me (and my mom) exhausted I didn't feel like cooking dinner tonight. Instead I ordered in pizza and this is all the girls left of a 12 inch pizza. They've lost their appetites and found a donkeys! Finally!!

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