27 Apr 2010

Well, hello summer!

The Z summer BBQ season has been officially opened on Sunday and may I just say it is fantastic to be able to enjoy our meals outside again.

The potty training was a mixed success with lot of watering the tiles and grass, the funniest part of it was once one of the girls had had an accident the other would follow within minutes. Once I realisied this I started putting the other straight onto the potty, but of course I only realisied towards the end of the day. At least I know for next time. I haven't had them nappyless for the last 2 days as it's been too cool for dresses, we quickly discovered panties makes them think they have a nappy on and leads to lots of accidents! By the end of the day though both girls had had one success with the potty though so I was satisfied (and boy am I glad we don't have any carpets!!).

I got lovely shot of the girls eating together outside on the lawn on Friday

but before you think I have the most cooperative children in the world, the next shot was taken seconds later

Last but not least Enya has been flitting around the fence next to our local child protection services officer, one guess what she is looking like......

....a poster child for abused children, thanks to her delightful older sister. Any good suggestions for how I stop Ciara scratching her when they are in the pram next to each other?

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