4 Apr 2010

Happy Easter

Easter morning at the breakfast table

Yes Enya is still getting a bottle-otherwise we'd be lucky if she drank 100ml in a day.

The great easter bunny hunt

Hope you all have (had) a wonderful Easter, we certainly made the most of ours. We had a lovely morning, first a easter bunny hunt and then playing outside enjoying the fresh air. This afternoon we spent playing inside as it was pouring with rain. Great fun was had by all, making bead necklaces and playing with lego and cars. Ciara and Enya are loving having their granny here!

This evening I finally finished lining the curtains for Ciara and Enya's room. They've started waking up when the first hint of dawn strikes their room, so I'm hoping by blocking all light I won't land up getting up earlier and earlier as we approach the summer solstice!

Now I've just got to finish their summer dresses and make some new bibs and start the last duvet cover and .......... the list goes on and on!

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