30 Mar 2009

I'm having a bit of a hard time right now, nothing to do with C and E they are as delightful as ever. Have I mentioned they keep wanting to do somersaults? They position themselves with head on the ground between their hands, feet on the ground and bums in the air and then whinge until I flip them over, lather rinse repeat x2. We have Krabbelgruppe to thank for this exciting development, now it's all the girls want to do. Enya also managed to climb out her high chair, onto the chair next to it and from there on to the ground. Thankfully I didn't see this "amazing" feat as it would have given me heart failure, instead Z described it to me. Her harness has gone back on her chair, we'd taken it off to use outside when we were out walking.

Anyways I will get back to more regular posting ASAP.

26 Mar 2009

Hide and seek

Ciara hasn't quite grasped the concept of hide-and-seek yet, she loves to pop out from behind the couch to a chorus of "where is Ciara? Ciara, where are you? ....aahhhh there you are". She runs from one side of the couch to the other, cackling madly the whole time and pop out and then repeat it from the beginning again. The fact she is supposed to wait for us to find her is irrelevent, we take too long so it's boring and the laughter erupting from her would give her away everytime anyway!

Enya on the other hand has just learnt how to play catch, we've been chasing her for a while and, except when in her excitement she spins on the spot, it's worked very well. Toay for the first time though she started chasing me! She was so proud of herself when she caught me, it really was lovely to see.

They are also both suddenly fascinated by the butterflys we painted on their bedroom walls, they've been there since before the girls came home but they seem to suddenly have noticed them. Enya delights in running up to and touching the butterflys in her reach. She'll run backwards and forwards between them as if to check they haven't suddenly flown away.

The terrible two were particularly terrible yesterday, thye broke my brush, emptied the pot plant soil all over the lounge floor twice and then proceeded to eat the soil, unrolled the toilet roll all over the bathroom floor and then tore it up into the smallest possible pieces (it's now sitting in a box on top of our loo, in their defence they did help me pick it up) and Enya's shoes took another dunking this time in the bath. I was so exhausted by the end of the day I was in bed by half past 8. Today I gave in and put them down for a morning nap as well as midday nap, (this would be after they emptied the pot plant soil out again though) and they've slept an hour and a half each time. I find this age to be really fun but a lot more work and way more exhausting than when they were little babies!

More photos

Yes I have just downloaded the camera, which means you all get an overdose of (cute) baby photos!!

The next two photos I would title as "Sisterly love"



Helping mommy with sorting the washing

Some pictures of said table

25 Mar 2009

One kid, two kids

Midday naps have been going a bit better, yesterday Enya slept for 3 hours (admittedly it was after physio which always leaves her exhausted), she didn't get lunch until 3pm! Ciara woke after 2 hours so I had one hour of just one child- gosh it's so easy! I could play with her and not be continuely distracted by Enya wanting some attention.

Feeding was a breeze, Ciara got a spoon to feed herself and because I wasn't trying to hurry her so I could start Enya it was really relaxed. I could even leave her sippy in reach without having to worry it was going to go everywhere when I was distracted. I really enjoyed the one on one time, so much so that Z and I have decided we are going to try take a few hours on the weekends where we get a child each for "special" time. One will stay home while the other goes out with their child, rotating so it's fair. I hope it does come to fruition as I often feel guilty about how little time they each get of undivided parental attention.

In other news the table and chairs are assembled and in use, we ha the first sit down at the table this morning and it all went well until Enya fell off the chair- no injuries but she now is careful how she gets off the chair.

24 Mar 2009

Snow again!

Come on it's nearly the end of March and we've had the meteorlogical (sp?) start of spring, where's my sunshine??? I can't believe how I never appreciated the good weather as a kid growing up in South Africa, by the end of a European winter I just want to up sticks and move back. Unfortunately Z was horrified by our visit to SA 3 years ago, I can't tell you how many photos of barbed electric fencing and 7 foot walls we've got, he won't even consider it.

Today, in between snow showers, we went to physio for our second appointment. I had the harnesses on the girls as I really didn't feel like trying to unpack/pack the buggy in the snow an I got a parking spot next to the physio building. Enya freaked out again when I put her down on the pavement with her harness on so I landed up carrying her inside. Ciara did really well on the harness (even if we had to take about 3 runs before we got across the road), now I just need to get her to hold my hand as well and we're set. I've heard some people object to harnesses on children but at this age I can't unpack my twins from the car alone unless I have some method of preventing them running off (across the road/parking lot and getting run over!!). even with the harness it's not exactly easy- I've resorted to threading my leg through the harness while I fasten/unfasten the other child from her car seat.

Physio was quieter today, Enya was easier to soothe between techniques and actually quietened down when I was doing the positions with her. Lately we've taken to playing/singing lullabys while we're changing nappies (it's the only way we can keep her still, she loves music!) and today she calmed down and listened when I sang to her during treatment (before you think I'm a mean idiot we've tried it in the past and it didn't work before). She still fights like a demon to get out of the positions but at least she hasn't been crying so pathetically this week. I would have been very satisfied with it all, if there hadn't been a slight incident at the end of the session involving another physio. We don't have an appointment next week but I will be tackling her at our next appointment as as always they didn't say anything was wrong directly but implied it indirectly instead!

23 Mar 2009

Shoe dunking

Well we finally gave in and did it....as of yesterday we are now down to one nap per day! Today is going better than yesterday as they have so far slept 2 hours and are still quiet (yesterday only an hour nap).

We had a good weekend with a visit to the park, it so much easier when there is an adult per child. Ciara loved running aroun on the grass and the swing, Enya not so much but she liked the stream and just wanted to paddle (mean mommy didn't let her beacause although it was sunny it was also cold).

On the wet theme, the girls got their revenge for not being allowed to play in the stream by dunking Enya's lovely leather shoes in the loo. Someone (hm-hmmm Z) didn't close the bathroom door when he was finished in the bathroom and then got absorbed in his new fish tank instead of paying attention to his daughers. They took advantage of the opportunity and took the shoes for a swim. I was in the lounge reading the newspaper when I heard a suspicious splashing sound. When I went to check there was Ciara and Enya beside the loo filling the shoes up with water and then lifting them up and pouring the water out. A complete change of clothes was required as well as an earful for Z and mopping of the bathroom floor.

I've realised Z hasn't learnt how careful he has to be when looking after the girls, they are getting so mobile and are into everything you just can't trust them or let them out of your sight for more than a moment. That being said I'm not that much better as we had another poo painting session on Saturday when I was changing Enya's nappy and chatting on the phone at the same time. Ciara got hold of the dirty nappy and smeared it on the floor. It makes me very grateful that we have tile flooring!

20 Mar 2009

Shoes and wagons

I now have two daughters with outdoor shoes, we gave in to the inevitable and picked up a new/old pair of shoes for Ciara as she has already outgrown her first pair. Thankfully a friend had a pair of size 23 shoes that her son wore for only a few weeks before outgrowing, which she gave to us. Enya was hysterical for the first 10 minutes of wearing "big girl" shoes, she kept lifting her feet up as though she was stepping over an obstacle, after that she was fine just fell a bit more than usual.

Apropro falling... even in the short space of time that we have been doing PT again, I have noticed an improvement in Enya's walking and posture. Her tummy is not quite as protrudent as it was in standing and her foot postioning seems to be a bit better (not quite as turned out) and she seems a bit steadier on her feet. I guess I just have to suck it up and admit that she really did need this course of physio ;0).

Today though I took the day off from treating as we had Krabbelgruppe (playgroup) this morning and this afternoon I went to the aforementioned friend for tea. The girls really enjoyed being amongst other children at the play group (mostly I think because there were new toys to play with). We practiced somersaults on a thick mat which Enya of course loved, as well rocked them in a blanket and played with hoola hoops. The best thing about Krabbelgruppe though was they have a little wagon which one child can sit in and the another child can push. Needless to say all that practice with the laundry basket came in handy, my girls loved it. Excuse the poor picture quality I only had my mobile phone with ;0)

19 Mar 2009


Well we have now lost our last semi safe room, Enya has learnt how to open the kitchen drawers! She scared herself silly the first time she managed it yesterday as she pulled the bottom drawer out over her. I just heard that cry that normally means something is wrong and when I looked over to her she was lying on the floor with the bottom drawer over her body still clasping the handle desperately. After I picke her up and pushed the drawer back in she preceeded to try 6 of the 9 drawers in that cabinet and I'm sorry to report she has the knack of it now. Thank goodness I've already sorted the dangerous stuff out of the bottom drawers into the middle drawers because of course she won't be able to reach those (HAHA!!).

Yesterday I really surprised myself by not having umpteen meltdowns, Ciara broke one of my favourite mugs by dropping it on the floor (my own fault though as I left it where she could get it), she then spread her entire lunch bowl of freshly made chicken, apricot and tomato puree all over the floor (she stole her bowl off the table while my back was turned) and the napping- not happening yesterday. I'm going to have to bite the bullet and drop to only one nap per day. Hopefully then they will have a longer nap and be more refreshed than from 2 shorter naps.

Ciara did however surprise me as well yesterday, I left something in view yesterday on the kitchen counter (cooking implement I think) but out of her reach. She looke up saw it and pointe to it with her whole hand and then said quite clearly "Bitte" (please). I was amazed, unfortunately despite all sorts of coercion I couldn't get her to repeat it. Z has been practicing "bitte" and "danke" with them for a while but this is the first time they've repeated it and appropriately as well! Enya in the mean time is learning to count so far we have one, two, six and eight in german and in english two,three, six and eight, she only repeats the words when we say them though.

ps spell check is still not working and my D key is very iffy if you don't recognise a word try add a D and see if it makes sense then ;0)

17 Mar 2009

Torture begins again

We had our first appointment with the physio yesterday and it was as loud as ever.The physio, Mrs W, was pleased with Enya's posture and walking ability, especially the foot positioning. I kind of got the feeling Mrs W wasn't at all worried about her, unlike the preemie follow up doctor, as she could see the improvement in Enya over the last 3 months where the doctor last saw Enya in May 2008. We are only doing one technique this time but Enya screamed the entire 30 minute session. Everytime Mrs W let her go to rest Enya would crawl across the table to me and cuddle into me crying pitifully, this is definitely NOT for the faint hearted!! However I must say after the session I noticed that Enya's tummy was not bulging as much as usual (could also be because she was still crying thereby increasing her muscle tone generally including the abominal muscles).

The sweetest thing though was after Enya was dressed again at the end of the session, she was still crying, you know that pitiful cry after they've been crying for a while where they hiccup every so often! Anyway Ciara came up to her, looking all concerned and then she put her arms around Enya and gave her a cuddle or two. Unfortunately she nearly knocked Enya off her feet which made Enya cry even harder but the thought to comfort was there, which was lovely to see. At home they mostly just steal each others toys with no worries about upsetting the other!

After the session I aske Mrs W how long she thought we would be coming this time and she said probably for about 6 weeks. I also asked how often I must treat per day (usually they say 4 times) and her answer was what I can manage and a maximum of 12 minutes per session. I think she realizied there was no way in hell I was going to manage 4 times a day, although I will try for 2 times per day! The only thing that makes me feel at all better about this, is at home although Enya still crys she only crys during the technique i.e. she stops as soon as I let her up, makes me feel less the mean mom torturing her poor defenceless little child!

15 Mar 2009

Family weekend

Having not had an evening together at home this week, we decided to have a family weekend instead.

Yesteray was a bit of a failure in that regard as after doing the weekly shop, Z vanished off to the fish shop. Remember our visit to the Aquarium where I finally agreed to an aquarium at home, Z has been feverishly planning ever since. He got back a quarter of an hour before I needed to go to my Karate weekend course. After 2 hours hard training (well for it was hard for someone as out of condition as me!). I got home just in time to help get the girls fed, bathed and into bed, I then ran out to pick up some fast food for our dinner and some DVDs. Z only lasted one DVD an then was snoring up a storm. Poor thing, the girls wore him out, he said he's never known them to be so demanding.

Today was however a real family day though. The girls let us sleep in until 8am, we got them fed and back into bed by 9am, at which time we went back to bed as well (we were both wrecked). The second part of my course was at 11am and today we all went. Z and the girls met up with J's huband and daughter (Anna) while the moms went training. After J passed her yellow belt grading we all went out to our favourite cafe, Bar Celona, for lunch to celebrate. Z and I had not had time for breakfast, what with our morning nap so we went for the buffet brunch which was delicious. We both ate so much that we're skipping dinner tonight! Both I an the girls collapsed into bed when we finally got home from lunch (after 3pm!), while Z went aquarium internet surfing again ;0). We've got one more DVD which we saved for this evening so it'll be a cuddle evening on the couch tonight, the perfect end to a really good weekend.

13 Mar 2009


I've been calling C and E monkeys for a while now and in a classic tale of naming and then becoming they are climbing everything right now.

I've seen Ciara lifting her leg trying to work out how to climb our bar stools, thankfully she hasn't a chance yet. They both think that climbing over the foot stool is part of their daily fitness program, Ciara is now however working on standing up on top of the stool, did I mention we have tiled floors through out our flat! Enya is not much better, she kneels on the stool.

Ciara has also grown enough that objects on the kitchen table and counters are no longer safe, everything gets pulled down, inspected and most often chewed. I need new safe spots as she can clear the window sills as well.

And lastly may I just say that the peanut butter cookies are a hit, not too hard and yummy.

11 Mar 2009

Day out

The last few days what with the girls being sick and we've had really s@%$&y weather here so I've been pretty much trapped inside with the girls and we were all getting cabin fever. I was running low on material for my patchwork quilt that I'm making (and have been for the last 3 years) so to get out the house we went to the the material store.

It was a wonderful afternoon, the owner of the store had twins (now grown up), had siblings that were twins and her younger sister had twins also, needless to say she has a bit of experience with twins. She was very happy to see my girls and offered to keep them entertained while I looked for my material. As I said the afternoon was very rainy so there were no other customers in the store while we were there and they had a fantastic time. The button basket was the hit of the day, C and E spent most of the visit emptying the buttons all over the floor and putting them into a bag. My sweet little Enya has in the last week started bringing anything and everything to me for a thank you, needless to say I got a few buttons brought yesterday. Enya also climbed down her first steps yesterday (supervised) while exploring the store. Ciara climbed into the button basket to have better access to all those lovely round yummy buttons- she was determined to eat them! I did help tidy up before we left but it was such a lovely relaxed hour there, that I feel as though I had a free afternoon. I'll have to go back in the near future with a little something to say thank you, I think.

NOw I'm off to make peanut butter cookies for my little rug rats who have decided that peanut butter is the bee's knees. They deserve it as they ate their salmon for lunch undiluted which up to now has not been tolerated.

8 Mar 2009


It appears that having a cold and being in the car does not agree with Enya. We went to Ikea yesterday to get the table and chairs for the midgets and all I can say is thank goodness we had a towel in the car. At one stage I thought Enya was choking on her vomit. Needless to say we made an emergency stop with me scrambling out of the still moving car to get around to her side of the car to help her. For the journey home I was squished in the backseat between the car seats and thank goodness I was there as the last 5 minutes were a rerun of the journey there.

I can only assume it was something to do with the car motion though, because as soon as we got home she gobbled down a bottle of milk and devoured her dinner with gusto and without any regurgitation. She continues to cough and her nose is streaming but at least the temperature is normal again.

She is however in good form and managed to give us a heart attack yesterday as she finally managed to stand up in her high chair, even though both Z and I were in the kitchen supervising them after dinner. I have now installed a harness system on to her highchair to restore my peace of mind.

Ciara remains healthy with just a slightly snotty nose. Her latest trick is to unpack all our cupboards and shelves, with my bookshelves being a particular favourite. She also has her first 3 molars, again she got 3 teeth at once. Ciara now has 14 teeth where poor little Enya only has 6.

6 Mar 2009

Sick again

So both girls have 38+ C temperatures and are very whingy and clingy again. They also have snotty noses (remember the english nickname for older babies- very apt at present!) and a nice fruity cough. The mucous deluge started yesterday with the temperatures rising last night. This probably explains why Enya has pretty much lost her appetite, she's not even interested in biscuits which is usually a favourite. At least she is still drinking well as long as the milk is hot.

Today I disassembled the changing table in their room and rearranged their room so we can get a table with two chairs in it. The doctor yesterday wanted Ciara to colour on a piece of paper, needless to say we'd never tried this at home so Ciara was clueless. The result of this abysmal artisitic failure is we're going to get some paper and crayons (and a table and chairs) so we can start trying some supervised doodling. I also really need to push them to look in books (not just eat them)and encourage them to point to the pictures when I name them. We need to practice walking up and down steps too, this is incredibily problematic as we don't have any steps at home at all!! I think that aboout covers all the things I just haven't practiced enough with them and that they should be doing by now.

On the otherhand, out of the blue, Enya has decided to demonstrate her climbing abilites. Yesterday I was preparing lunch with both girls in their highchairs, out of the corner of my eye I noticed that something was different with Enya, when I turned to look at her I could see she was standing hunched over on the seat of her highchair and was trying to push herself upright. Thank God I looked when I did as unlike most highchairs the Tripp.trapp has a very low back so she wouldn't have had anything to hold onto when she was upright, disaster in the making. She has also been practicing climbing on and off the footstool of our rocking chair, thankfully she hasn't tried to stand up on this yet! Then just to round things off, today while I was rearranging their room she climbed from the travelling cot mattress on to the night table and was happily kneeling on it when I noticed what was going on. My grey hairs are definitely multiplying exponentially as they get more mobile!

5 Mar 2009

Nice while it lasted

Looks like we are heading back to physio again. We've just got back from the Neurodevelopmental assessment(preemie followup) and while the doc there was very pleased with Ciara, she is a bit concerned about Enya's low truncal and hip tone. Although I did mention a couple of times that Enya has only been walking about 6 weeks she didn't like Enya's posture, foot positioning and that Enya is still so wobbly. So hey ho it's off to fight with Vojta we go!

We even have an extra follow up appointment in June now just for Enya. If the physio is impossible or doesn't improve things, she will consider sending Enya to get her hips checked out by the orthopaedic specialist and perhaps shoe inserts to improve her foot positioning. Please all cross fingers and hold thumbs that it doesn't come to that. I'll be ringing Mrs W. for an appointment tomorrow (she's off sick today otherwise she would have been at the appointment with us).

B@~%$"!!!! I was so hoping we wouldn't need to do this again!

4 Mar 2009

The park

We made it to the park but didn't stay long as Ciara is too fascinated by the stream that runs through it. Everytime I let her go, to go do something with Enya, off she went to the stream. I can see we will be doing some paddling when the weather is a bit warmer. They did enjoy a turn on the swing and the slide is no longer an instrument of terror ;0)
Enjoy the pictures!

Before we left, I had to include it as Ciara's eyes look so blue in this photo

Enya on (in) the swing

Ciara on (in) the swing

Ciara enjoying a bit of space to run free in

3 Mar 2009

Play therapy revisited

We had our second play therapy session today and today really got down to business! We had the shaving cream and hand held massager out ;0). The therapist was pleased as Enya seemed much calmer and more focused today although she is still very easy to distract. On the plus side she also said looking at them it is hard to believe they were born as early as they were, I'll take that as a compliment!

We have our next appointment in 8 weeks time and in the meantime I have homework to do with both kids. Ciara doesn't need it but as they are already jealous when I pay attention to the other, the therapist said to try and give them equal attention by treating both. Fun fun fun, I tell you! I also have to pack toys away so there are only a few to play with at any one time.

Our play date for tomorrow, which I was really looking forward to, has been cancelled as the older brother is ill. M and M were identical twins born at 34 weeks about a month after C and E. I lost contact with their mom as they were transferred to the Kinderklinik less han a week after they were born and discharged before we even got to the Kinderklinik. Shortly before Christmas I met the mom and M and M in Toys are Us, she recognised me and we exchanged numbers as we both thought it would be relief to chat to another twins mom. It took until February for us to arrange a meeting and now it has been cancelled, we'll be lucky to meet up before Easter!

We're having a mini spring this week (yes mom the sun does shine in Germany even if you've never seen it!) so instead of the play date, I'm going to take the girls to our local park tomorrow morning. Hopefully it will stay dry and warmish as I can't wait to get the girls on a swing again. I'll try remember the camera.

2 Mar 2009

Alone again

How a week can fly by!

My mom has gone home, leaving me with the terrible two again. They are really adorable but refusing to sleep right now, hence the label "terrible". As I'm sitting typing this they are banging on their cots and calling "mama". As they have not yet napped and are still being pleasant about it, I'm leaving them in their cots until they fall asleep or start to cry.

I honestly don't know how working moms do it all! Last week, although I was only working half day and had my mother here to look after C and E and do all the house work, I was still exhausted by the weekend. Hats off to all those working moms who do it all! That being said I enjoyed the chance to go working again, no screaming and crying and adults to talk to.

I even got to go out for a date with Z on Friday, dinner and the movies which was lovely. We had a delicious meal at our favourite indian restuarant and then we saw The Reader which was interesting if a little inconsistent. Although I don't see why Kate Winslet got the Oscar, I've seen other movies by her which were much more deserving!

What I really enjoyed though was on Saturday we all went out for lunch with my mom as a belated birthday meal. The cafe we went to is quite child friendly with a small play area and they had enough high chairs to go round. The girls had a waffle which Ciara ate most of, but even Enya ate a bit, so I didn't feel too guilty. It was just nice to be able to eat out with the girls in public without too much stress.

I'm moving in the direction of putting the girls into cloth nappies during the daytime, unfortunately even the cloth nappies (or even especially the cloth nappies) are unable to hold the night time deluge so I've accepted it as a fact of life until I can think up something else to try. I would like to ask though why they always seem to wet through the night after their bath though, don't they like smelling fresh and clean?

On that note I'm off to bake some biscuits, we've guests due this afternoon again.