6 Mar 2009

Sick again

So both girls have 38+ C temperatures and are very whingy and clingy again. They also have snotty noses (remember the english nickname for older babies- very apt at present!) and a nice fruity cough. The mucous deluge started yesterday with the temperatures rising last night. This probably explains why Enya has pretty much lost her appetite, she's not even interested in biscuits which is usually a favourite. At least she is still drinking well as long as the milk is hot.

Today I disassembled the changing table in their room and rearranged their room so we can get a table with two chairs in it. The doctor yesterday wanted Ciara to colour on a piece of paper, needless to say we'd never tried this at home so Ciara was clueless. The result of this abysmal artisitic failure is we're going to get some paper and crayons (and a table and chairs) so we can start trying some supervised doodling. I also really need to push them to look in books (not just eat them)and encourage them to point to the pictures when I name them. We need to practice walking up and down steps too, this is incredibily problematic as we don't have any steps at home at all!! I think that aboout covers all the things I just haven't practiced enough with them and that they should be doing by now.

On the otherhand, out of the blue, Enya has decided to demonstrate her climbing abilites. Yesterday I was preparing lunch with both girls in their highchairs, out of the corner of my eye I noticed that something was different with Enya, when I turned to look at her I could see she was standing hunched over on the seat of her highchair and was trying to push herself upright. Thank God I looked when I did as unlike most highchairs the Tripp.trapp has a very low back so she wouldn't have had anything to hold onto when she was upright, disaster in the making. She has also been practicing climbing on and off the footstool of our rocking chair, thankfully she hasn't tried to stand up on this yet! Then just to round things off, today while I was rearranging their room she climbed from the travelling cot mattress on to the night table and was happily kneeling on it when I noticed what was going on. My grey hairs are definitely multiplying exponentially as they get more mobile!


iamza said...

Just as long as they stay out of the medicine cabinets! :-)

I hope they both feel better soon, poor babes.

Cathy said...

I hope they feel better soon! Sick sucks.