11 Mar 2009

Day out

The last few days what with the girls being sick and we've had really s@%$&y weather here so I've been pretty much trapped inside with the girls and we were all getting cabin fever. I was running low on material for my patchwork quilt that I'm making (and have been for the last 3 years) so to get out the house we went to the the material store.

It was a wonderful afternoon, the owner of the store had twins (now grown up), had siblings that were twins and her younger sister had twins also, needless to say she has a bit of experience with twins. She was very happy to see my girls and offered to keep them entertained while I looked for my material. As I said the afternoon was very rainy so there were no other customers in the store while we were there and they had a fantastic time. The button basket was the hit of the day, C and E spent most of the visit emptying the buttons all over the floor and putting them into a bag. My sweet little Enya has in the last week started bringing anything and everything to me for a thank you, needless to say I got a few buttons brought yesterday. Enya also climbed down her first steps yesterday (supervised) while exploring the store. Ciara climbed into the button basket to have better access to all those lovely round yummy buttons- she was determined to eat them! I did help tidy up before we left but it was such a lovely relaxed hour there, that I feel as though I had a free afternoon. I'll have to go back in the near future with a little something to say thank you, I think.

NOw I'm off to make peanut butter cookies for my little rug rats who have decided that peanut butter is the bee's knees. They deserve it as they ate their salmon for lunch undiluted which up to now has not been tolerated.

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Cathy said...

Oh it sounds like such a fun afternoon!

Peanut butter, yes. It is the food of the gods. So says Andrew. Add some jelly and you have a happy camper.