13 Mar 2009


I've been calling C and E monkeys for a while now and in a classic tale of naming and then becoming they are climbing everything right now.

I've seen Ciara lifting her leg trying to work out how to climb our bar stools, thankfully she hasn't a chance yet. They both think that climbing over the foot stool is part of their daily fitness program, Ciara is now however working on standing up on top of the stool, did I mention we have tiled floors through out our flat! Enya is not much better, she kneels on the stool.

Ciara has also grown enough that objects on the kitchen table and counters are no longer safe, everything gets pulled down, inspected and most often chewed. I need new safe spots as she can clear the window sills as well.

And lastly may I just say that the peanut butter cookies are a hit, not too hard and yummy.

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