15 Mar 2009

Family weekend

Having not had an evening together at home this week, we decided to have a family weekend instead.

Yesteray was a bit of a failure in that regard as after doing the weekly shop, Z vanished off to the fish shop. Remember our visit to the Aquarium where I finally agreed to an aquarium at home, Z has been feverishly planning ever since. He got back a quarter of an hour before I needed to go to my Karate weekend course. After 2 hours hard training (well for it was hard for someone as out of condition as me!). I got home just in time to help get the girls fed, bathed and into bed, I then ran out to pick up some fast food for our dinner and some DVDs. Z only lasted one DVD an then was snoring up a storm. Poor thing, the girls wore him out, he said he's never known them to be so demanding.

Today was however a real family day though. The girls let us sleep in until 8am, we got them fed and back into bed by 9am, at which time we went back to bed as well (we were both wrecked). The second part of my course was at 11am and today we all went. Z and the girls met up with J's huband and daughter (Anna) while the moms went training. After J passed her yellow belt grading we all went out to our favourite cafe, Bar Celona, for lunch to celebrate. Z and I had not had time for breakfast, what with our morning nap so we went for the buffet brunch which was delicious. We both ate so much that we're skipping dinner tonight! Both I an the girls collapsed into bed when we finally got home from lunch (after 3pm!), while Z went aquarium internet surfing again ;0). We've got one more DVD which we saved for this evening so it'll be a cuddle evening on the couch tonight, the perfect end to a really good weekend.

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La La said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend - I'm jealous that you got so much sleep! My girls would NEVER go back down that quickly after waking up to eat. LOl