2 Mar 2009

Alone again

How a week can fly by!

My mom has gone home, leaving me with the terrible two again. They are really adorable but refusing to sleep right now, hence the label "terrible". As I'm sitting typing this they are banging on their cots and calling "mama". As they have not yet napped and are still being pleasant about it, I'm leaving them in their cots until they fall asleep or start to cry.

I honestly don't know how working moms do it all! Last week, although I was only working half day and had my mother here to look after C and E and do all the house work, I was still exhausted by the weekend. Hats off to all those working moms who do it all! That being said I enjoyed the chance to go working again, no screaming and crying and adults to talk to.

I even got to go out for a date with Z on Friday, dinner and the movies which was lovely. We had a delicious meal at our favourite indian restuarant and then we saw The Reader which was interesting if a little inconsistent. Although I don't see why Kate Winslet got the Oscar, I've seen other movies by her which were much more deserving!

What I really enjoyed though was on Saturday we all went out for lunch with my mom as a belated birthday meal. The cafe we went to is quite child friendly with a small play area and they had enough high chairs to go round. The girls had a waffle which Ciara ate most of, but even Enya ate a bit, so I didn't feel too guilty. It was just nice to be able to eat out with the girls in public without too much stress.

I'm moving in the direction of putting the girls into cloth nappies during the daytime, unfortunately even the cloth nappies (or even especially the cloth nappies) are unable to hold the night time deluge so I've accepted it as a fact of life until I can think up something else to try. I would like to ask though why they always seem to wet through the night after their bath though, don't they like smelling fresh and clean?

On that note I'm off to bake some biscuits, we've guests due this afternoon again.


La La said...

Boy do I hear ya on the stress of taking two little ones out to a resturant at the same time. Yikes. Just this weekend we took the girls out to an Italian resturant with their 11 month old cousin...Ack! Craziness. =)

Trish said...

yay for date night!