19 Mar 2009


Well we have now lost our last semi safe room, Enya has learnt how to open the kitchen drawers! She scared herself silly the first time she managed it yesterday as she pulled the bottom drawer out over her. I just heard that cry that normally means something is wrong and when I looked over to her she was lying on the floor with the bottom drawer over her body still clasping the handle desperately. After I picke her up and pushed the drawer back in she preceeded to try 6 of the 9 drawers in that cabinet and I'm sorry to report she has the knack of it now. Thank goodness I've already sorted the dangerous stuff out of the bottom drawers into the middle drawers because of course she won't be able to reach those (HAHA!!).

Yesterday I really surprised myself by not having umpteen meltdowns, Ciara broke one of my favourite mugs by dropping it on the floor (my own fault though as I left it where she could get it), she then spread her entire lunch bowl of freshly made chicken, apricot and tomato puree all over the floor (she stole her bowl off the table while my back was turned) and the napping- not happening yesterday. I'm going to have to bite the bullet and drop to only one nap per day. Hopefully then they will have a longer nap and be more refreshed than from 2 shorter naps.

Ciara did however surprise me as well yesterday, I left something in view yesterday on the kitchen counter (cooking implement I think) but out of her reach. She looke up saw it and pointe to it with her whole hand and then said quite clearly "Bitte" (please). I was amazed, unfortunately despite all sorts of coercion I couldn't get her to repeat it. Z has been practicing "bitte" and "danke" with them for a while but this is the first time they've repeated it and appropriately as well! Enya in the mean time is learning to count so far we have one, two, six and eight in german and in english two,three, six and eight, she only repeats the words when we say them though.

ps spell check is still not working and my D key is very iffy if you don't recognise a word try add a D and see if it makes sense then ;0)

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