26 Mar 2009

Hide and seek

Ciara hasn't quite grasped the concept of hide-and-seek yet, she loves to pop out from behind the couch to a chorus of "where is Ciara? Ciara, where are you? ....aahhhh there you are". She runs from one side of the couch to the other, cackling madly the whole time and pop out and then repeat it from the beginning again. The fact she is supposed to wait for us to find her is irrelevent, we take too long so it's boring and the laughter erupting from her would give her away everytime anyway!

Enya on the other hand has just learnt how to play catch, we've been chasing her for a while and, except when in her excitement she spins on the spot, it's worked very well. Toay for the first time though she started chasing me! She was so proud of herself when she caught me, it really was lovely to see.

They are also both suddenly fascinated by the butterflys we painted on their bedroom walls, they've been there since before the girls came home but they seem to suddenly have noticed them. Enya delights in running up to and touching the butterflys in her reach. She'll run backwards and forwards between them as if to check they haven't suddenly flown away.

The terrible two were particularly terrible yesterday, thye broke my brush, emptied the pot plant soil all over the lounge floor twice and then proceeded to eat the soil, unrolled the toilet roll all over the bathroom floor and then tore it up into the smallest possible pieces (it's now sitting in a box on top of our loo, in their defence they did help me pick it up) and Enya's shoes took another dunking this time in the bath. I was so exhausted by the end of the day I was in bed by half past 8. Today I gave in and put them down for a morning nap as well as midday nap, (this would be after they emptied the pot plant soil out again though) and they've slept an hour and a half each time. I find this age to be really fun but a lot more work and way more exhausting than when they were little babies!

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iamza said...

Aw, so jealous that R is getting to come out and play with you guys. Say, are you busy in, oh, August? :-)