25 Mar 2009

One kid, two kids

Midday naps have been going a bit better, yesterday Enya slept for 3 hours (admittedly it was after physio which always leaves her exhausted), she didn't get lunch until 3pm! Ciara woke after 2 hours so I had one hour of just one child- gosh it's so easy! I could play with her and not be continuely distracted by Enya wanting some attention.

Feeding was a breeze, Ciara got a spoon to feed herself and because I wasn't trying to hurry her so I could start Enya it was really relaxed. I could even leave her sippy in reach without having to worry it was going to go everywhere when I was distracted. I really enjoyed the one on one time, so much so that Z and I have decided we are going to try take a few hours on the weekends where we get a child each for "special" time. One will stay home while the other goes out with their child, rotating so it's fair. I hope it does come to fruition as I often feel guilty about how little time they each get of undivided parental attention.

In other news the table and chairs are assembled and in use, we ha the first sit down at the table this morning and it all went well until Enya fell off the chair- no injuries but she now is careful how she gets off the chair.

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