3 Mar 2009

Play therapy revisited

We had our second play therapy session today and today really got down to business! We had the shaving cream and hand held massager out ;0). The therapist was pleased as Enya seemed much calmer and more focused today although she is still very easy to distract. On the plus side she also said looking at them it is hard to believe they were born as early as they were, I'll take that as a compliment!

We have our next appointment in 8 weeks time and in the meantime I have homework to do with both kids. Ciara doesn't need it but as they are already jealous when I pay attention to the other, the therapist said to try and give them equal attention by treating both. Fun fun fun, I tell you! I also have to pack toys away so there are only a few to play with at any one time.

Our play date for tomorrow, which I was really looking forward to, has been cancelled as the older brother is ill. M and M were identical twins born at 34 weeks about a month after C and E. I lost contact with their mom as they were transferred to the Kinderklinik less han a week after they were born and discharged before we even got to the Kinderklinik. Shortly before Christmas I met the mom and M and M in Toys are Us, she recognised me and we exchanged numbers as we both thought it would be relief to chat to another twins mom. It took until February for us to arrange a meeting and now it has been cancelled, we'll be lucky to meet up before Easter!

We're having a mini spring this week (yes mom the sun does shine in Germany even if you've never seen it!) so instead of the play date, I'm going to take the girls to our local park tomorrow morning. Hopefully it will stay dry and warmish as I can't wait to get the girls on a swing again. I'll try remember the camera.

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