23 Mar 2009

Shoe dunking

Well we finally gave in and did it....as of yesterday we are now down to one nap per day! Today is going better than yesterday as they have so far slept 2 hours and are still quiet (yesterday only an hour nap).

We had a good weekend with a visit to the park, it so much easier when there is an adult per child. Ciara loved running aroun on the grass and the swing, Enya not so much but she liked the stream and just wanted to paddle (mean mommy didn't let her beacause although it was sunny it was also cold).

On the wet theme, the girls got their revenge for not being allowed to play in the stream by dunking Enya's lovely leather shoes in the loo. Someone (hm-hmmm Z) didn't close the bathroom door when he was finished in the bathroom and then got absorbed in his new fish tank instead of paying attention to his daughers. They took advantage of the opportunity and took the shoes for a swim. I was in the lounge reading the newspaper when I heard a suspicious splashing sound. When I went to check there was Ciara and Enya beside the loo filling the shoes up with water and then lifting them up and pouring the water out. A complete change of clothes was required as well as an earful for Z and mopping of the bathroom floor.

I've realised Z hasn't learnt how careful he has to be when looking after the girls, they are getting so mobile and are into everything you just can't trust them or let them out of your sight for more than a moment. That being said I'm not that much better as we had another poo painting session on Saturday when I was changing Enya's nappy and chatting on the phone at the same time. Ciara got hold of the dirty nappy and smeared it on the floor. It makes me very grateful that we have tile flooring!

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