4 Mar 2009

The park

We made it to the park but didn't stay long as Ciara is too fascinated by the stream that runs through it. Everytime I let her go, to go do something with Enya, off she went to the stream. I can see we will be doing some paddling when the weather is a bit warmer. They did enjoy a turn on the swing and the slide is no longer an instrument of terror ;0)
Enjoy the pictures!

Before we left, I had to include it as Ciara's eyes look so blue in this photo

Enya on (in) the swing

Ciara on (in) the swing

Ciara enjoying a bit of space to run free in

1 comment:

iamza said...

So cute! I love the tiny coats and little woollen hats. Enya looks like she's not sure she should be enjoying that swing. :-)