23 Jan 2011

Swimmimg, sleeping and other stuff

Warning: a heavy picture post follows!!

Now that the terrible two are no longer sleeping in cots they have gotten very possessive of their old travelling cot. We'd set it up for a visiting baby and our girls didn't want to give it up!

Peppa pig is absorbing even if you don't understand english (the sons of our best friends in Germany watched an entire 40+ min DVD and were fascinated)

Enya learnt how to put her jacket on all by herself (so what if it's on upside down)

Interesting surprise this morning walking into the bathroom

The mothering the doll phase has started, I love having daughters!

Last but not least we've had another weekend of yucky yucky weather so what did we do?

You got it, we went swimming ;0)

Cheers from the little one

19 Jan 2011

Happiness is

Better late than never, my Christmas present finally arrived last week. Despite being ordered at the beginning of December it took until last week for my Kindle to arrive, but now that it's finally here, I'm in luuuuvvvv.

Needless to say I've been playing lots and have already downloaded over 100 books, now I just have to find the time to read them all as well. I still can't get over how many free ebooks there are out there.

Will get back to C and E posting shortly ;0)

13 Jan 2011

No surgery!!

Her nose is still broken but, now that the swelling has gone down, her nose looks straight. THis means she does NOT need the operation as there is nothing to straighten, WOOHOO! I'm so glad we didn't have to make the call.

She is not to wear her glasses for the next 10 days and under no circumstances is she to get hit on her nose (CIARA!!). I did ask about Kindergarten but as the ENT said, she is as likely to fall at home as at Kindergarten so we will be sending her back there next week. We've got a doctors note for the rest of this week as the girls are still getting over their tummy bug and the paediatrician (yes we visited him too today- it was a long afternoon in various doctors waiting rooms- more than 3 hours with 2 bored cranky little girls) didn't want them going back yet. Ciara has some kind of rash on her hand which he is ascribing to the same viral infection as their tummy bug and so she is not to go back until that is gone.

So another day of watching Peppa Pig (the girls are addicted) and playing The Big Bobby Car Game or fishing coming up. Maybe we will even get a let up from the persistant rain and get to go ride the striders out on the terrace!

P.S. recently witnessed scene

Enya made a mess while eating breakfast and to try and hide it covered it with her bowl, Ciara witnessing this tattle taled to Z
C: "Enya made a mess"
E: "no I didn't"
C: "you made a mess"
E; "no I didn't"
C (getting a bit upset): "yes you did"
E: "no I didn't"
C (now almost in tears): "You did make a mess"
E (moves the bowl aside): "Did I?... " (peers over at Ciara with her head tilted to one side and smiles sweetly) "Okay"
Poor Ciara doesn't stand a chance

11 Jan 2011

ENT visit


We have until Thursday afternoon to decide if we let them operate on Enya's nose or not! They can't operate today as she is still sick and her poor nose is still swollen, but the last opportunity will be on Friday (if they do straighten it, it needs to be done within 8-10 days of the injury). I know that it's not a major op but it is still a general anaesthetic with the associated risks and there is also no guarantee that her nose will grow straight with the op. Right now though her nose is slightly skew so if we do nothing, she will have to get it straightened later if it bothers her.

The hardest part, I find, about being a parent is deciding what is best for the kiddies!!

10 Jan 2011

First broken bone

So broken it is!

I got to spend a fun afternoon at the hospital today with Enya, made even more fun by the fact when we first arrived Enya puked ALL over me. X-ray confirmed her nose is broken and they suspect a mild concussion. They offered to keep her in hospital overnight until she can be seen by the ENT specialist tomorrow (no ENT cover today) because of the puking, but given that she was feverish as well and was fine for the first two days, everyone thinks it is more likely she has picked up a stomach bug, so I brought her home. This of course means we get to have the fun all over again tomorrow when we visit the ENT specialist.

PS the stomach bug diagnosis was pretty much confirmed when we got home and Ciara was carrying her cough cough bucket around. Needless to say dinner wasn't on the agenda and both girls crashed about 2 hours before their normal bedtime.

9 Jan 2011

Dangers of Kindergarten

The results of a fall in Kindergarten

So what do you think, broken or not broken? It looks really painful and swollen but apart from telling us to only touch it gently, it's not bothering her at all and she is bouncing around (wildly) as normal.