17 Feb 2010

The cough cough bucket

A little history first: when Enya gets carsick she usually gives us a bit of warning by saying "cough cough" (maybe TMI but it's usually after the first retch but before anything solid comes up).

So on to the present: I thought something was a bit off this morning when Ciara was exceptionally cuddily, then I heard her retch. Of course we're away in the Allgäu right now on the mother child Kur (which had been going great up till now, but another story and another time) so we have to follow the rules here. I phoned the night nurse to report that Ciara was off colour and her reaction was as long as Ciara hadn't actually vomitted she could still attend her therapy and playgroup sessions today. No sooner had she said that then Ciara vomitted, the question resolved itself nicely. Enya was still allowed out but now Ciara was banned to stay in our flat. To be honest she hasn't been up for anything all day, she has been draped listlessly over Z or my chest all day and mumbling the whole time about her cough cough bucket (her faithful companion!!).

As of this evening she has a 40°c temperature and is very lethargic, thankfully she is drinking well (water and peppermint tea!?!) although understandably she has no appetite. Boy am I glad Z came down to join us last weekend (another epic story to be told another time)as alone in a strange enviroment this would have been very hard to manage!

I really hope this is the same bug that has burned through the rest of the patients here as it seems to be a 24 hour bug which means Ciara would be back on her feet tomorrow and we only have to get Enya through it then (so far Enya is as fit as a fiddle)

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