2 Feb 2010

Sinking under a sea of snow

Our next door neighbours granddaughter kindly clearing our front path

Our back garden

We've had about half a meter of snow in the last week and they are predicting another 20cm of snow in the next 14 hours. Our city has no more salt for the roads as it has been an unexpectedly snow filled January which means driving conditions are scary. It is very difficult to get fresh supplies of salt as all the communities are in the same boat, which has driven the demand for (and the price of) salt up dramatically. They say it has been the snowiest (is that even a word?) winter in 30 years here in Germany.

Needless to say we're all going a little bit crazy after being trapped inside so long (we can't go out as the girls literally can't walk around, except on the cleared paths and that's not fun!)

At least we've got play group and play therapy to look forward to this week as well as, new to the programm, Kinderturnen (tumble tots in SA) this afternoon.

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