20 Feb 2010

just call me mattress

It didn't take long did it!?! I wasn't feeling too well last night so I went to bed early, as I lay there just getting ready to doze off, I heard Enya coughing. Two seconds later I heard her gushing. Hop out of bed, run to their room, fling open the door, grab her out of bed and hold her over the cough cough bucket (and yes that is what they both refer to this bucket as, we had nothing to do with the naming!) to receive the second gush. She also had a very high temperature and so I landed up dragging the cot out of their room into ours and that was the end of my early night. Enya hasn't puked since and we think she actually just has a very bad cold as opposed to the gastric bug that Ciara had\has. We had thought Ciara was back to normal but after giving her some milk this morning she puked again and has been very lethargic and puky all day, at least her temperature is down. I have pretty much spent the entire day today with both of them draped over my chest, mostly lying on the bed. For some reason Daddy just isn't cutting it this illness, only mommy is allowed to cuddle with them and carry them. And walking that is just not in the programm at all today i.e. they have to be carried or cuddled at all times. And to crown it off tonight Ciara puked all over me again after I gave her some water. Motherhood definitely has it's moments!

This Kur is turning out to be the complete oppsite of relaxing!

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