13 Jan 2011

No surgery!!

Her nose is still broken but, now that the swelling has gone down, her nose looks straight. THis means she does NOT need the operation as there is nothing to straighten, WOOHOO! I'm so glad we didn't have to make the call.

She is not to wear her glasses for the next 10 days and under no circumstances is she to get hit on her nose (CIARA!!). I did ask about Kindergarten but as the ENT said, she is as likely to fall at home as at Kindergarten so we will be sending her back there next week. We've got a doctors note for the rest of this week as the girls are still getting over their tummy bug and the paediatrician (yes we visited him too today- it was a long afternoon in various doctors waiting rooms- more than 3 hours with 2 bored cranky little girls) didn't want them going back yet. Ciara has some kind of rash on her hand which he is ascribing to the same viral infection as their tummy bug and so she is not to go back until that is gone.

So another day of watching Peppa Pig (the girls are addicted) and playing The Big Bobby Car Game or fishing coming up. Maybe we will even get a let up from the persistant rain and get to go ride the striders out on the terrace!

P.S. recently witnessed scene

Enya made a mess while eating breakfast and to try and hide it covered it with her bowl, Ciara witnessing this tattle taled to Z
C: "Enya made a mess"
E: "no I didn't"
C: "you made a mess"
E; "no I didn't"
C (getting a bit upset): "yes you did"
E: "no I didn't"
C (now almost in tears): "You did make a mess"
E (moves the bowl aside): "Did I?... " (peers over at Ciara with her head tilted to one side and smiles sweetly) "Okay"
Poor Ciara doesn't stand a chance

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iamza said...

Your daughters are adorable. Just so as you know. :-)