23 Jan 2011

Swimmimg, sleeping and other stuff

Warning: a heavy picture post follows!!

Now that the terrible two are no longer sleeping in cots they have gotten very possessive of their old travelling cot. We'd set it up for a visiting baby and our girls didn't want to give it up!

Peppa pig is absorbing even if you don't understand english (the sons of our best friends in Germany watched an entire 40+ min DVD and were fascinated)

Enya learnt how to put her jacket on all by herself (so what if it's on upside down)

Interesting surprise this morning walking into the bathroom

The mothering the doll phase has started, I love having daughters!

Last but not least we've had another weekend of yucky yucky weather so what did we do?

You got it, we went swimming ;0)

Cheers from the little one

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