10 Jan 2011

First broken bone

So broken it is!

I got to spend a fun afternoon at the hospital today with Enya, made even more fun by the fact when we first arrived Enya puked ALL over me. X-ray confirmed her nose is broken and they suspect a mild concussion. They offered to keep her in hospital overnight until she can be seen by the ENT specialist tomorrow (no ENT cover today) because of the puking, but given that she was feverish as well and was fine for the first two days, everyone thinks it is more likely she has picked up a stomach bug, so I brought her home. This of course means we get to have the fun all over again tomorrow when we visit the ENT specialist.

PS the stomach bug diagnosis was pretty much confirmed when we got home and Ciara was carrying her cough cough bucket around. Needless to say dinner wasn't on the agenda and both girls crashed about 2 hours before their normal bedtime.

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Stacie said...

Ouch! Poor thing! Hope they both feel better soon.