30 Mar 2011


Did I fall off the end of the world or what?

Nope I just got busy with my life and had no urge to post. I was debating if i should keep this blog open but now that my elder sister has moved to THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD (I am so jealous!!) I suppose I ought to.

so what has been going on in the last 2 months........

....... not all that much really. Our camera is broken so I can't even pacify you with pictures ;0)

Ciara suddenly decided she was done with pull ups overnight- she just stopped peeing overnight without us having to do or say anything. So one child nappy free at long last.

Enya still has spells where she has multiple accidents everyday at kindergarten for a week or so and then is completely dry for next couple of weeks. Not really sure what to do about this and so we're not even thinking about doing the nappyless nighttimes with her yet.

The girls seem to be growing up so fast now, even Enya is losing all her babyness. They both have started telling stories about their experiences at Kindergarten. I do so love what sometimes comes out of their mouths, the different voices and sound effects often just crack me up. They learn so much from the older kids and it's hysterical hearing it all repeated. The latest favorite saying is "you're not my (best)friend anymore", or when the other does something for them "you're my best friend".

Did you know that if you fall over and bang your head (insert appropriate sound effects of a something hitting the floor) you get picked up by the "amblans" and taken to the "fignit shop".... yup that took me a while to work out too. We have since had a discussion about how people go to hospital and cars go to the fix it shop (thank you Finley the Fire Engine)!

Talking about speech: Ciara has cracked the word "yellow" instead of "lellow", she even gets the "th" sound right about 80% of the time, her speech is getting clearer and she does so love to talk. I can remember my mom saying once toddlers start talking people wish they would shut up again, it's not quite that bad but every so often I wish I had some earplugs ;0)

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You're back!! \o/