17 Mar 2009

Torture begins again

We had our first appointment with the physio yesterday and it was as loud as ever.The physio, Mrs W, was pleased with Enya's posture and walking ability, especially the foot positioning. I kind of got the feeling Mrs W wasn't at all worried about her, unlike the preemie follow up doctor, as she could see the improvement in Enya over the last 3 months where the doctor last saw Enya in May 2008. We are only doing one technique this time but Enya screamed the entire 30 minute session. Everytime Mrs W let her go to rest Enya would crawl across the table to me and cuddle into me crying pitifully, this is definitely NOT for the faint hearted!! However I must say after the session I noticed that Enya's tummy was not bulging as much as usual (could also be because she was still crying thereby increasing her muscle tone generally including the abominal muscles).

The sweetest thing though was after Enya was dressed again at the end of the session, she was still crying, you know that pitiful cry after they've been crying for a while where they hiccup every so often! Anyway Ciara came up to her, looking all concerned and then she put her arms around Enya and gave her a cuddle or two. Unfortunately she nearly knocked Enya off her feet which made Enya cry even harder but the thought to comfort was there, which was lovely to see. At home they mostly just steal each others toys with no worries about upsetting the other!

After the session I aske Mrs W how long she thought we would be coming this time and she said probably for about 6 weeks. I also asked how often I must treat per day (usually they say 4 times) and her answer was what I can manage and a maximum of 12 minutes per session. I think she realizied there was no way in hell I was going to manage 4 times a day, although I will try for 2 times per day! The only thing that makes me feel at all better about this, is at home although Enya still crys she only crys during the technique i.e. she stops as soon as I let her up, makes me feel less the mean mom torturing her poor defenceless little child!

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iamza said...

Poor little angel. And poor mom, too. It can't be easy doing the exercises. I hope the six weeks is right, and this is the last bout of physio for both yours and Enya's sakes!