20 Mar 2009

Shoes and wagons

I now have two daughters with outdoor shoes, we gave in to the inevitable and picked up a new/old pair of shoes for Ciara as she has already outgrown her first pair. Thankfully a friend had a pair of size 23 shoes that her son wore for only a few weeks before outgrowing, which she gave to us. Enya was hysterical for the first 10 minutes of wearing "big girl" shoes, she kept lifting her feet up as though she was stepping over an obstacle, after that she was fine just fell a bit more than usual.

Apropro falling... even in the short space of time that we have been doing PT again, I have noticed an improvement in Enya's walking and posture. Her tummy is not quite as protrudent as it was in standing and her foot postioning seems to be a bit better (not quite as turned out) and she seems a bit steadier on her feet. I guess I just have to suck it up and admit that she really did need this course of physio ;0).

Today though I took the day off from treating as we had Krabbelgruppe (playgroup) this morning and this afternoon I went to the aforementioned friend for tea. The girls really enjoyed being amongst other children at the play group (mostly I think because there were new toys to play with). We practiced somersaults on a thick mat which Enya of course loved, as well rocked them in a blanket and played with hoola hoops. The best thing about Krabbelgruppe though was they have a little wagon which one child can sit in and the another child can push. Needless to say all that practice with the laundry basket came in handy, my girls loved it. Excuse the poor picture quality I only had my mobile phone with ;0)

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