14 Jan 2009

Housework part 1

The advantage with having 2 little girls is that they keep trying to "help" me around the house. Yesterday was house cleaning day (my dust balls had dust balls, IT WAS TIME!!) and while I was working I took some photos to share with you all.

First I had to vacuum our flat

Now that they are no longer terrified of the vacuum cleaner, I get followed around when vacuum, Enya keeps trying to walk around with it and has even discovered the off/on button.

Then we had to do hang the washing up, both C and E love to push the laundry box through to our drying room

They even help me take the washing out the box

Then Enya needed a water break because as we all know house work is hard work

To be continued above....

1 comment:

iamza said...

Oh man, *so* adorable. I love Enya's exhausted-looking expression in that last photo.