8 Jan 2009


I don't have anything new to post today so instead I thought I'd show you the girls' favourite toys right now.

first of all there is Tssszzzz as Enya likes to call her.

She is over a meter long and Enya loves to cuddle her (Ciara does too when she is allowed anywhere near Tssszzzz which isn't often!). Enya started stealing our snake draft stopper from our front door which is why we bought her own snake for Christmas. It was a big hit, but hasn't help with the draft stopper stealing as Ciara now steals it!

Next we have the squeaking donkey, it was bought to help us get the girls to look at the camera but Ciara immediately appropriated it. We always know when she is crawling anywhere as every time her hand hits the ground it squeaks, who needs a cat collar with bells on it;0)

Last but not least is the dummy replacement. The hand goes in the mouth, the body hangs out and whoever has it is happy. They think it is even better than a dummy as we hardly ever take it off them whereas a dummy is immediately removed if they aren't in bed


Cathy said...

Oh fun!

We've got a catepillar that's all the rage with the kids. They fight over it enough that I might buy a second one.

Cassandra said...

Thanks for your comment.

These toys are so fun! They look quite different from most toys you'd see in the U.S., where plastic and bright colors are the norm.

And congrats on the walking!