28 Jan 2009

ER today

Our 2nd ER visit, this time with Ciara.

This morning she woke up with no temperature and eating nearly normally but in an absolutely foul mood. She also had a slight rash on her trunk. The midday nap didn't happen as Ciara screamed the whole time and when I finally got her up she was inconsolable. I had another look at her rash and did the glass trick (you know roll a glass over the rash), the rash didn't blanch with pressure and what with it being a Wednesday afternoon (do all your doctors also take Wednesday afternoon off?)so off we went to the ER.

After sitting around for an hour we got in to see the doctor to be told she just has a viral infection, probably a respiratory one but nothing to worry about. Believe me I'll take a respiratory infection over meningitis any day of the week! He even showed me a more accurate way to check for a non blanching rash for next time.

I feel a bit of an over reactive idiot but I'd rather go once too often to the doctors and be called an over anxious mother than miss something big.

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iamza said...

Oh, poor kid. I hope she feels better soon! How's Enya doing?