7 Jan 2009

Enya walks

I think the title says it all. Ciara practiced her standing for at least a month before she took her first step, Enya started standing alone last week and this week she's achieved her first proper steps alone. She managed 4 steps from the sofa to my arms today and she keeps on trying. She amazes me (they both do). I got to walk from the lounge through to the kitchen today, about 10m, with both girls walking with me, only holding onto one finger each for balance. Another parental milestone ticked ;0)

I find it particularly fascinating how their different temperaments affect how they develop. Ciara is super cautious and waits until she has absolutely perfected a position/technique before she moves forward, where Enya just throws herself into everything without caring if she mastered the stage before. It makes it scary sometimes, but that's Enya. I think she's going to give me heart attacks when she's older!

I discovered today both girls like scrambled egg. I was having a late lunch and Ciara came begging when she saw I was eating (I swear she could eat all day if we let her!) I gave her some of my potato and she spat it back at me but my egg she ate. I thought I would then try Enya expecting her not to like it but she also swallowed it down and begged for more.

Operation Christmas Dinner didn't happen last year, they kept crashing before dinner was ready, so instead we had a Christmas Breakfast of waffles which was magic!), I'm now pushing normal solids so we are at least on "adult food" in time for our all inclusive holiday in June (I do NOT want to lug my blender stick overseas).

It would of course help if Ciara wouldn't spit out all unpureed fruit and veg straight back out at me. Even using the mesh feeder didn't fool her, I gave her some banana in the feeder yesterday and she chewed quite happily on the mesh but then let it dribble out her mouth when she'd gnashed the banana up (she loves mashed bananas on the spoon). That being said she does like dried fruit, our latest treat after dinner is prunes. She loves them, I just need to cut the skin off (a story in itself) as she can't chew it small enough to swallow, Enya loves prunes too. I'm really hoping this solves with Ciara's "regularity" problems!

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iamza said...

Yay! Go twins! (but not too far, and not in different directions...)

I agree it's fascinating to see how their temperaments affect how the girls develop. I wonder if parents of more than one child, but where all the kids are singletons, pick up on that temperament difference quite as readily?