5 Jan 2009

Night time woes continued

Or maybe the nappies won't hold after all. The girls decided off their own bat to help lead us back to our normal schedule by waking up at 6am on Sunday and this morning (usually we get up at quarter to 7 when Z is working). Unfortunately yesterday both nappies failed and this morning Enya's nappy failed to contain the flood. And this is despite having only 12 hours "pee time"

I guess I'm off to the supermarket to get some size 5 nappies to go over their size 4ones. Well I would, but we've had 10cm of powder snow overnight so Z has got the family car for work (the one with the child seats in, the other car doesn't have winter tires on) and the sidewalks are not cleared enough for us to get there on foot.

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iamza said...

Is that despite feeding them the bottle at a different time?