23 Jan 2009

Slapstick Comedy

So maybe I overstated Enya's walking abilities a bit. Not that she isn't trying, she even managed 12 steps yesterday...yes consecutive steps ;0). No, the exaggeration was saying she is walking, a more correct description would be lurching, wobbling or slapstick mobility.

She has moments where she is balanced on one leg, the other leg at right angles to it with her body at almost 180 degrees in the opposite direction to counterbalance. The scary thing is she somehow manages to hold her balance in this position and still take a few more steps after! When Ciara started trying to walk she used to take one step, balance for a second, then take another step,she pretty much stayed in the midline. Enya just goes, swinging wildly from side to side until she plomps down. We have these sessions where she'll keep at it for 20 minutes or so: standing up, lurching off, plompsing down, up again, plompsing down, up again..lather rinse repeat ad nauseum.. until she's so tired she barely can get up again. I love it, from day to day I can see the improvement. I can't believe how quickly this has all started, last week when we discussing it at Krabbelgruppe, I said walking would still be weeks if not months away for Enya!

I have a great video of it from yesterday where she actually looks very controlled (for her) and as soon as Z has time I'll get him to down load it for you all to enjoy (I'm the technophobe in the house). It was the first time Z has seen Enya walking as she is usually so exhausted by the time he comes home, she can't stand up anymore.

In lieu of video here are some more photos of the sweeties.

Z holding the girls

Christmas, Enya the Intellectual.....

..or maybe not.....

.. but then Ciara isn't much better.

PS the BumGen.ius nappies have been a huge disappointment as they leak out from around the leg. They are not so full that they are overflowing around the waist like with the disposables, rather they just don't fit as well around the leg. Now I really don't know what to do overnight. I looked on the internet and Huggies Overnight got a good review from other moms in the same boat, unfortunately they are not available in Europe. Advice anybody??


Cathy said...

That's how Andrew walks too, though he's much more stable now.

Can you put a cloth pre-fold into the disposable?

Nix said...

That's what I'll be trying next, as soon as the doublers are dry again.