3 Jan 2009

Schedule change again?

I'm thinking we may have to play around with our feeding schedule again. Not because the girls aren't doing well, they are: Enya 8800g and Ciara 10 820g :0).

No, we are running into our old problem of the nappies not holding out for the entire night time. Every day this week one or both girls have woken up soaked right through, even their sleeping bags were wet through. As they are both determined tummy sleepers, it leaks out the front above the waist band. We already wait for the last nappy change until just before bed and change them immediately when they wake up but the 14 to 15 hours between are just too much.

I'm now wondering if we move the last bottle to the middle of the afternoon and just let them have their sippys at dinner time, if that will help? Alternatively I could double up their nappys, if I buy the next nappy size up it should fit over.

On the otherhand Z goes back to work next week :0(, so they (and we) won't be sleeping in anymore. Maybe with only 13 hours pee time the nappys will last the night!!

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