31 Jan 2009

Scary stuff

Don't worry, nothing too bad!

Today has been a very strange day somehow. We woke the girls up at quarter to nine this morning as they showed no signs of waking by themselves. After we'd fed them breakfast they went straight back to bed and slept through until after Noon. Z has a 24 hour volleyball tournament so he took off just before lunch while I waited for the girls to wake up.

When the girls finally woke up they gobbled down lunch and then we drove through to town to go shoe shopping. Unfortunately I forgot where I was, here in Germany a lot of the smaller shops close on a Saturday afternoon, so it was a waste of time! We drove to visit Z at his tournament as it was in our neighbouring town. Boy was that exhausting! With them both being mobile and Ciara now climbing stairs and up on to benches, I just couldn't manage alone. Thankfully there were enough adults at the sport centre that they kept bringing the escapee back to me when one made a break and I was distracted by the other. Next time though, I'm definitely taking the baby reins with!

Enya demonstrated her walking technique for everyone to see though and climbed her first step although she didn't trust herself to go up the second step. She was blown away by watching her daddeee playing volleyball. She stood on the terrace overlooking the playing field, screaming, laughing and banging on the glass, it was hysterical. Unfortunately it was so loud in the sports hall that Z didn't even realise that he had his own personal cheerleader. Ciara was more interested in climbing onto the benches and digging in other peoples tog bags!

We then brought them both home for dinner and bed. Z came to help although he left straight after dinner as they still have games to play overnight. He'll come back sometime tonight to sleep and so he's here for breakfast tomorrow before he drives back for the last games tomorrow (usually he just stays for the entire 24 hours at the sports hall).

So it was a day with only one nap and I don't have the feeling that they missed the second nap. I'm dreading losing that second nap but today underlined that it is rapidly approaching.

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