2 Feb 2009

Busy busy

I was gently reminded this evening that if I want the girls to go to Kindergarten then I do actually need to register them. Before I do that of course I have to visit the 3 establishments in our area and decide which one I prefer (and find out if I'm not already too late to get them in, aaah the delights of twins). So tomorrow morning will be spent on the phone hopefully arranging visits. We only really want them to start when they are 3 but early registration is vital as places are limited.

Then I have just realised that my passport is only valid until September this year and we have booked a 2 week holiday in Turkey in June. Turkish entrance requirements state your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry so I need to get a new passport and quickly as I also need to get a visa. As a British national I don't often need visas and apparently german passport holders don't so lucky that I thought to check. Tomorrow midday nap will be spent trying to get everything put together for my passport renewal application. Come to think of it I have to get the girls passports too, now that will be fun. They are very strict about the biometric photos, how do you get a baby to look straight at the camera, not smile and not close their eyes. I think Z can take them to get their passport photos, I wash my hands of it!!

Then just to round things off nicely we have the Fruhforderung ("early intervention") appointment tomorrow afternoon, I'm really not expecting much from it, they have pretty much flat out said it is a once off appointment and they do not feel they can offer us any help. Before we go though I have to go to the paediatrician to pick up the referral. I hate the stupid bureaucracy here, we need a new referral every 3 months even when we just come for preemie follow ups!

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