23 Feb 2009

Granny is here

I'm not going to be posting much this week as My mom is here and we've got lots of things on the go.

Yesterday we all went swimming which was great. The girls are getting so much more confident in the water now. Enya is even crawling/walking around in the paddling pool by herself, last time we went there she clung to me like a limpet and wouldn't let go. They love being in the big pool too with their swimming rings on especially if there are any bubbles or waves around. The other thing that was much better this time is Enya tolerated the shower after the swim even though there was no warm water left, last time we had a major meltdown in the shower (and that was with warm water).

Today we all went to the Aquarium. The girls were fascinated (as was daddy), watching both little faces as the fish swam by was priceless. I even gave in to Z's request for an aquarium based on their reaction (I've been resisting for the last 6 years). My absolute favourite was the underwater tunnel in the tropical tank, being surrounded by the sharks,turtles and brightly coloured fish. Even the coral seemed to be rainbow coloured, I can't remember the coral reefs I've seen diving being quite so brightly coloured, but then the lighting isn't quite as good when diving in the open ocean. On the occasions that we let C and E out of the pram, they had their noses up to the glass and were trying to catch the fish as they swam past.

The only problem of the day was our twin buggy was too wide to easily thread through the human masses and we couldn't stand anywhere too long as we pretty much blocked the way for all but the skinniest of those behind us. They obviously didn't consider twin prams when they designed the aquarium.

Even though the girls missed their morning nap and were overdue for lunch they didn't start performing until we left the underwater world. Thankfully the food area in the neighbouring mall had a microwave so we could warm up lunch for C and E, one problem less to deal with. After lunch we laid the girls down in their buggy seats while the big people got some lunch, during which time the little people fell asleep (finally). We were then forced (tee hee) to walk through the shopping mall while the little people slept on, as the saying goes: "let sleeping babies lie". I even nearly bought Ciara a new pair of shoes!

Surprisingly after a very long day with only an hour long nap, the girls didn't fall asleep during the hour and a half long drive back home. Instead they entertained their granny and kept her from napping. They did however crash straight after dinner and we haven't heard a peep from them since.

Hopefully they will be nice to granny tomorrow as I'm off to work for 3 hours tomorrow morning. That means my mom will have the terrible two finally all to herself. I'm sure she will enjoy not having me hanging over her shoulder, as try as I might I'm very protective of my little munchkins and tend to interfere more than is probably necessary.

PS still no spell check, when are they going to fix this feature??

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