20 Feb 2009

toddler tantrums

Ciara continues to believe she is a terrible 2 year old and regularly throws herself on the ground in a full blown temper tantrum. Boy, I can't wait until she is actually 2.

My favourite is when she starts throwing herself around while sitting in her high chair. Z and I have discussed our reaction to temper tantrums and agreed we will ignore her as far as possible but her highchair antics are too dangerous to ignore. Safty first and all that, so I now stand behind her chair but refuse to look at her or react to her until she calms down. Thankfully she calms down very quickly usually when she sees we are not giving her the attention she wants.

So far tantrums are not in Enya's playlist but I'm sure it'll come. I'm just dreading when they decide to do a double blow out in public, up to now all our temper tantrums have been at home! Not a comment on the regularity of the tantrums unfortunately, more a comment on how hard it is to get out the house with twins!

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