4 Feb 2009


Sorry no spiffy title today, I didn't get a lot of sleep last night and we were up and out early this morning as we had an early doctors appointment (vaccinations, thankfully the last set until the girls go to school).

Ciara was up multiple times last night and was calling so loudly that the last time I went in to their room Enya was also wide awake, standing at her cot side and calling "mama" too. Ciara just wanted a cuddle that last time and then slept through from 3 am until 6 am this morning.

Unfortunately the lack of sleep means I'm feeling all out of sorts and have the patience of a grizzly. Today is not a good day for Enya to decide to play games at mealtimes!! Her latest trick is to turn her head away when we are trying to feed her and then to keep looking back before quickly turning her head away again. Now before you think well maybe she's full or doesn't like it, if we then try to feed Ciara, Enya whinges until we turn back to her again where after one spoon the cycle repeats. Meals are now taking over 3/4 of an hour, so much for the 20 minute meal limit we were given by the behavioral therapists.

Hopefully things go better at dinner as Z is getting his birthday dinner tonight (birthday was yesterday but he was playing volleyball), it would be nice if we could all eat peacefully together!

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