12 Feb 2009


We got to visit two of the Kindergartens today to have a look around and start the registration process. Two more different institutions I couldn't imagine. What I'm listing now is more for my benefit than yours, so I can record the pertinent facts to compare with the other 2 kindergartens when we visit them at the end of the month

The first kindergarten is set on the edge of a wood and is an older building which has seen some hard use, but has a very comfortable atmosphere. I found it quite messy almost chaotic but I liked the informal feeling and that the kids were allowed everywhere. It is very nature orientated with Wednesdays being wood days (exploring and walking) and they even grow potatoes and peas in a small plot of land. They accept children from 2 years old although this year is already full, but at least they are used to younger kids. They have place for 65 kids so it's quite a big kiga but they divide into 3 classes with 2-3 teachers per class. They are building a sport hall and sleeping/nap room this summer, which will help with the claustrophobic feel when the kids are all there. They also only close over Christmas which gives us a lot more freedom with holiday planning.

The second kindergarten is a much nicer building, with a lots of space although the grounds are not as nice. I found it very structured, only 4 kids allowed in the sports room at any one time, 45 minute music lesson on Wednesday afternoon, every second Monday morning is walking in the woods and scheduled gym periods. It was very clean and tidy though which I did like. They also do take younger kids apparently but are also full for this year. They have 3 teachers for 22 kids and only offer 45 hours of care per week. The meals are prepared by the catering service from the Kinderklinik and from experience I can say they are mostly very good. Unfortunately the kiga is on the other side of our village and they closed up to 30 days per year (2 weeks over summer, a week in autumn and a couple of days over Easter plus a few others as needed). We are number 5 on the waiting list for next year August.

Both Z and I have preference, surprisingly for the same Kiga and reading over my list I think it is quite clear for which one. We won't however be registering the girls definitely until the end of the month when we have visited all of them.

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