6 Feb 2009

Cookie snatcher

I remember way back when, when I was planning my "world trip*" with my best friend in South Africa we arranged to meet up with a friend of a friend's boyfriend who just happened to be english. We wanted to pump his brains for the all important information we needed as first time overseas travellers so we didn't stand out as yokels when we arrived in London. One of the things he told us (and the only thing that really stuck in my memory) was the english (London) slang names for children: sprog = infant, snot gobbler = older baby, cookie snatcher = toddler. Where am I going with this you ask? I have my own little cookie snatcher!

I was baking biscuits yesterday for Z to take to work in honour of his birthday (better late than never), and it was getting quite late in the afternoon. Ciara had done her usual spit out of the teatime yogurt as it had tiny cubes of pear in it (Ciara does not do fruit bits!), so she was quite peckish. I'd put the first batch on the cooling rack and turned back to get the second tray out of the oven, when I turned back to the table I saw Ciara taking a huge bite out of a cookie. By the time I'd got rid of the hot tray and oven gloves she'd eaten half the biscuit! It was still hot from the oven and it was very gingery cookie, even I can only eat 2 of these cookies at a time as they are so spicy and I love ginger. As it was nearly dinner time I took the remains off her and put them on the table, when I turned back to her I caught her snatching another cookie from the rack!

In other news, Enya has taken to trying to get into all the nooks and crannies behind or between furniture. I've even found her edging herself between the wall and our freezer which is so narrow a gap that she couldn't even turn her head when she wanted to come out, she scared herself silly there and I landed up having to rescue her as she was stuck. Unfortunately she hasn't learnt her lesson and continues to explore behind her bed, edge behind the bathroom cabinet and crawl under our rocking chair. I'm now just waiting for her to try crawl under our bed, she'll get eaten by the dustballs there! That'll teach her ;0)!!

*the world trip was literally supposed to be around the world, I got stuck in England for 2 years before finally getting to Australia for a year. I returned to England for another couple years before moving to Germany. I haven't even seen much of the rest of Europe, so so much for around the world!!


iamza said...

Adorable! Looks like Ciara's inherited the sweet tooth. :-)

As for Enya -- she sounds like she's practicing hard fro all those games of hide-n-seek to come...

PS Did you also get loads of snow? I've been reading the BBC news site, and it looks like I got out just in time! *grin*

Trish said...

haha.. litle stinker.

You've done more world seeing than me, so we'll count it.