16 Feb 2009


Missed the girls' 18 month anniversary!

We were away visiting family this weekend as Z's grandmother celebrated her 87th birthday. It is so stressful staying in someone elses house that isn't set up for toddlers, there were nicknacks everywhere and paper lying around and stairs, my girls are fascinated by stairs. The nice thing was we also had about 5 babysitters (not counting the kids who thought C and E were great new toys), I didn't even get to give Ciara her bottle on Saturday night. Z's brother took her and the bottle off me which really surprised me as up to then he hadn't shown any interest at all in his nieces. Finally our girls have met all their aunts, uncles and second cousins, they only have one more cousin to meet and then the german introduction is complete. Oma (Z's gran) enjoyed seeing her great granddaughters and even said if she is still around in summer she's going to come down to visit us again. I think we will take pity on her poor bones and come up to her instead, she doesn't like to travel!

The journey home was really tough as the girls woke 40 minutes in to the 2 hour journey and then cried and performed the rest of the way home. They were so tired as they hadn't slept that well away from home and bored with being supervised the whole time and then being fastened in their carseats was the last straw. Both Z and I sighed a huge sigh of relief when we finally got home, them bathed, fed and into bed. They were in bed by about 5pm and slept through to 7am (with small squawks in between). To be honest Z and I weren't much better, it was an exhausting weekend!

Anyway tomorrow we have our next appointment at the eye guy, I'm hoping the trend continues and their eyes remain good. Although I wouldn't mind if the waiting time is less, trying to entertain 2 toddlers in an overfull doctors room by myself will not be fun!

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