12 Feb 2009

Preemie support group

Well it's finally come to fruition.

While C and E were still in NICU and at their most poorly Z and I were desperately looking for some support, unfortunately the local branch of the German Preemie Association was no longer functioning (they were all in the midst of 2nd pregnancies apparently) so we were left hanging. Thankfully a preemie mom from a neighbouring area took pity on us and came to the hospital to chat to us and cheer us on for which we were very grateful. To have someone to speak to who has lived through the hell of NICU and can empathise and encourage was fantastic, she also gave us great tips for things to watch for and post discharge tips.

However the Children's hospital has now set up it's own group and last night was the first meeting. Our good friend J came to babysit so both Z and I could go as we felt it was very important to be there. The nurse running the session was one of C and E's NICU nurses so it was wonderful to see her again and to update her with what our girls are up to. There were 3 sets of "new" preemie parents and 3 sets of "old" preemie parents so it was quite small but lots of interesting topics were raised and discussed. I just hope we get the opportunity to offer the "newer" parents the same support we received.

I had to laugh though as at the beginning of the meeting the nurse said Z and I were partly responsible for the group being established, as while we were on the PNZ (small NICU at the obstetrics hospital) and so desperate for support they felt bad as they couldn't offer us anything and that helped push the development of this group. Now we are going to have to keep attending these meetings ;0).


iamza said...

I'm glad they've done something to try to help other new parents who are in the same situation you and Z were. And I hope you and Z can help others -- you certainly know what they're going through, what to look out for, and so on!

La La said...

What a wonderful idea though!! Gosh, I wish that there had been something like this when the girls were in the NICU, even now, for that matter!

Our NICU was fairly large (well, about 30 beds I guess) and so the nurses did have us talk to some other parents a few times to cheer each other on...but that's about it.