18 Feb 2009

Eye guy....

....is looking wild and wooly these days, really he looks like a mad professor, and made us wait an hour and a half for our appointment (didn't even dilate their pupils so can't use that as the excuse this time).

However everything is looking good, both girls even saw the 3-D image this time. We didn't think Enya would but at the last minute she reached towards where the star was on the image card, so she also got a tick for depth perception. Even their lenses got a clean bill from the orthoptic lady (that was a worry as Z had congenital cataracts which were inherited from his dad).

Apart from the interminable waiting time it was a reletively painless visit, yet again Ciara has made a dozen new friends while she wandering around the waiting rooms. Enya did her usual observer routine and checked out everybody thoroughly where Ciara just walked up to various people and started patting them on the hand and babbling to them. Amazing how completely opposite they are in some regards.

We don't need to go back for another 6 months thank goodness. I can't wait to see how long and unkept the eye guy's hair is by then!

Other news: Ciara has teeth 9,10 and 11 coming through, Enya has tooth no. 5 coming through. I'm going back to work a few hours next week while my mom is here, I need to keep my finger in the pie so to say. Ciara can now take her shoes off unaided, the only problem is she keeps chucking it on the floor, not good when we are out shopping!

PS excuse my poor spelling, spell check isn't working right now!

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iamza said...

Yay! That's good news about their eyes.

Enjoy your time in the office. I hope it goes well and smoothly for you!