8 Feb 2009

monkey's wedding

In good old South Africa we used to call it "a monkey's wedding" when the sun shone while it was raining. So what do you think it's called when the sun is shining while it is snowing? Funnily enough it never came up in SA, although that is what it was doing here this afternoon.

I'm beginning to worry that people will think I'm beating up on my girls, Enya has her first black eye. I didn't see how she did it yesterday but she had a huge egg just below her right eye and this morning she has a black eye. Given how often they fall over and the fact we have no carpets o our tile floors, I'm surprised they are not completely black and blue. I guess the paediatrician was right, babies bounce although please don't test that theory out at home!!

Some good news is Enya has made a huge stride forward this week in her walking ability, basically since we started the exercises given to us by the Heilpaedegogin. She is more stable and not swaying quite as much when walking, she is also walking more and more. However if she wants to get anywhere fast, crawling is still her method of choice.

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iamza said...

Yay, Enya! Just keep her away from swings that other people are on. :-)